Stretch to a Higher Level

When you make a declaration of your intention to operate at a higher level, the Universe offers you an opportunity to ground your spiritual Calling in reality.

What 3 Things Does Your Intuitive Business Need?

What are the Top 3 Things you need to grow your Professional Intuitive Practice?

The Difference Between Personal & Professional Intuitive Development

While you may be able to cobble together the skill set and develop a practice through trial and error, Professional Level Intuitive Development has an entirely different level of intention behind it.

The Path to Becoming a Better Intuitive

Every intuitive learns from others, and everyone practices what they learn to become better and better. Every intuitive starts somewhere, at some point, and develops, grows, improves.

10 Things They Don’t Tell You about Being a Professional Intuitive

Insights you would not have foreseen before accepting the path of a professional intuitive, psychic, or healer.

How Do You Deliver a Psychic Message to Someone Who May Not Be Open to It?

There are discreet, non-confrontational, and careful ways to communicate the psychic messages you receive — even to strangers or to people you know who might not be open to hearing them.

Beyond Readings

There is a limit to how many intuitive readings you can perform. At some point, in order to reach a greater number of people, you will need to publish your own books. Before you can publish your books, you need a simple proven system to write them.

Intuition and Imagination

What is the relationship between Intuition and Imagination? Intuition, instinct, impulse, inspiration, and imagination are like individual fingers on the same hand.

How to Focus Psychic Abilities

Are you trying to “focus” your psychic perception? Are you trying to concentrate and isolate the intuitive channels such as clairaudience — to hear other “voices” — your higher self, your spirit guides? Your full awareness — your total consciousness — encompasses more than your Thinking Mind.

How Do You Respond to Someone Who May Be Suicidal or Mentally Disturbed?

Today I received an email from a woman who just seems to be… off. She says she feels suicidal but she’s also experiencing a synchronicity involving a Gaelic word that means “sanctified.” She has not requested a reading or inquired about how to book a private session with me. She just writes “Can you help…

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