Developing Skills as a Medium

Many of the students of Automatic Intuition Professional discover, during the course, that they have mediumship ability — the ability to connect with the spirit of a client’s deceased loved one. As part of the application, new students are asked about...

50 Signs You Are Psychic

The word “psychic” describes entirely natural, inherent instincts that we all experience. Intuitive or psychic information automatically manifests in everyday life. You may not even consider psychic experiences to be all that unusual. You Might Be Psychic...

Your Intuition on Another Level

One of my newest intuitive development students writes: “My Automatic Intuition Professional package is hurtling its way toward me… It should be here today, I’m very excited! “In the meantime, I wanted to email you with a question. “In...

The Most Psychic Times of Day

The “most psychic” times of day are often referred to as power times, power hours, or chime hours. You may wish to plan activities or rituals around these times according to your intentions, or advise others to do so. For professional intuitives, these...


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