50 Signs You Are Psychic

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The word “psychic” describes entirely natural, inherent instincts that we all experience. Intuitive or psychic information automatically manifests in everyday life. You may not even consider psychic experiences to be all that unusual.

You Might Be Psychic If…

How many of the following do you recognize?
Here are some examples of common, everyday manifestations of psychic ability. As you read through this list, keep count of all the examples that have happened to you.

How many are true for you?
If you find that twenty (20) or more of these statements resonate with you as true or familiar, you already have a high degree of natural, inherent psychic ability. Even if you only identify with about ten (10) of these examples, you still probably have powerful intuition that simply lies latent, dormant, or undeveloped — and, trust me, that’s enough to learn to do accurate intuitive readings.

  1. You have an object, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing that seems to attract “luck” or protection whenever you have it with you.
  2. You believe yourself to be, and describe yourself as, “a good judge of character.”
  3. You have an immediate sense of comfort or discomfort when meeting certain people for the first time, and that feeling is more important to you than anything they may say or do.
  4. Some people just seem to “glow” or radiate good vibes, while others have energy that feels dimmed.
  5. You see lights around people’s heads.
  6. You see floating orbs or blobs of light and color.
  7. Your photographs are full of orbs.
  8. You perceive shadows or smudges in the air.
  9. You’ve seen, heard, or felt what you can only call ghosts or spirits.
  10. You have family members who claim to have had psychic experiences.
  11. You have a profound sense of dislike or distrust of someone (for no “good” reason) that later proves to be justified.
  12. You have some sense of people’s “stories” or you find that you know details about their lives before you get to know them.
  13. You seem to have a sign floating above your head that invites strangers to tell you their personal histories or to discuss their intimate problems.
  14. When you meet animals (pets) for the first time, they always respond to you positively, relative to other people; their owners remark “She must really like you; she’s usually not this friendly with strangers.”
  15. Your own pets always know when you’re about to arrive, even when it’s off-schedule.
  16. Babies either smile at you readily or cannot seem to stop staring at you.
  17. You know a friend’s mood the moment you see her or hear her voice.
  18. You notice the atmosphere of a room change when someone new enters it.
  19. When visiting a building of historical significance you can “see” people and events taking place there, almost like flashes of scenes from a film.
  20. You feel “hot” or “cold” spots inside houses that are independent of drafts or vents.
  21. When you travel, you sometimes feel a sense of familiarity with a place you’ve never been before — you may feel an overwhelming emotion, a sense of deja vu, or seem to instinctively feel your way around without a map.
  22. You are repeatedly drawn to a certain historical place, time period, or culture.
  23. Your family and friends “joke” about how you’re psychic.
  24. You can correctly predict the sex of unborn children.
  25. No joking aside, your family and friends always want you to weigh in on their important decisions and personal issues.
  26. You think a lot of people you meet “look familiar,” look like someone else, or you feel that you’ve met them before.
  27. You attract other people who share the experiences we call intuition or psychic abilities.
  28. You know who’s calling the moment you hear the phone ring.
  29. You see sequences of the same numbers over and over again, often enough that you wonder what they must mean.
  30. You suddenly find yourself thinking about someone who hasn’t crossed your mind in years, and soon after you receive a call or email from him, or literally run into him on the street.
  31. You’ve had to change hotel rooms or move to a new home because you felt uncomfortable or unsafe in a certain space, for purely “psychic” reasons.
  32. You often call your friends and family and the voice mail or call waiting shows that you are trying to call each other at the exact same moment.
  33. Your dreams often come true.
  34. You dream that you are people other than yourself.
  35. You dream that you are speaking a foreign language (one you don’t know in your waking life).
  36. You hear your children calling out for you, even when they are too physically far away for you to hear them.
  37. You often hear someone calling your name, even when there is no one there.
  38. You hear music playing in the distance that you can’t seem to locate.
  39. You hear the muffled rumble of people carrying on conversations through the walls.
  40. You often have to turn off the shower because you think you hear someone calling, the phone ringing, or music playing.
  41. You notice cars following you while driving that suddenly seem to have vanished.
  42. You “lose time” while walking or driving and find yourself farther along your route that you think you should be.
  43. You change your regular route, on a sudden impulse, and later discover that you avoided a traffic jam, accident, train crossing, etc.
  44. You become physically ill before an event or cancel plans at the last minute, finding out later that it was a “disaster.”
  45. You stop at a store on a whim and discover something you’ve been looking for, as if you were led to it.
  46. You feel the need to call, text, or email and “check on” someone who is on your mind. You find out that something has indeed happened or that something significant is going on with her.
  47. When you were a child, you had imaginary friends with elaborate back-stories, and you knew very specific, detailed information about who they are.
  48. You sometimes suddenly smell a perfume (or a scent such as tobacco) that is familiar to you or that you associate with someone you used to know.
  49. You often feel watched, or you could swear that someone is about to enter the room, even when you know yourself to be physically alone.
  50. You have the sense of an idea trying to break through, or feel like a pattern is about to emerge, like the sensation of having a word “on the tip of your tongue.”

Anyone Can Develop Psychic Abilities.

With good intentions and a practical approach, especially in the context of serving other people, you can develop your intuition. If you’re ready to learn how to do psychic readings for others…

Check out the course description page for Automatic Intuition Professional.
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Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Image - Mission Drop

A decade ago, I was the last person you might have thought of as a potential Lantern Bearer to emerging Lightworkers. Until I accepted this current mission, I had never held the same job for more than three years (the average was only one).

I’ve now been running my own business as a professional intuitive and self-published personal development author for ten years (since 2003).

I cuss (often). I find it hard not to hate the Haters. Sometimes, I’m paralyzed by anger.

I’m outraged.

I’m amoral, immoral, irreverent. Retaliatory, argumentative, dogmatic, and just as damned hypocritical as any other Believer.

Thank God I wasn’t needed in the Light.

Lantern Bearers are most needed at the edge of darkness where the fallen and the lost escape back across the border into our Motherland of love and tolerance.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”

You’ve incarnated into an environmental wetsuit of mortal flesh that allows you to interface with the third-dimensional world. We speak of virtual reality and artificial environments as if they are only the stuff of futurist, science fiction fantasies, but isn’t life on this planet a true miracle of special effects?

Our missions are not pre-ordained. We do have free will. Some of us may willfully choose to ignore the signs of greater purpose. Some of us may have been overwhelmed by this physical life experience or traumatized by events to the point that we cannot fulfill our missions — we’ve forgotten, or been brainwashed, or been taught to believe something else.

If you are here today, reading this, it’s most likely because you have begun to remember where you came from… You have an inkling that there is something you are meant to do. That there is something more.

Deep down, privately, whether or not you would ever admit it out loud to anyone else, you believe you are special. You are chosen.

Or you choose to believe. You choose to participate.

There are signs all around you.

You’ve seen evidence. You’ve noticed patterns. Sometimes, the synchronicity takes your breath away. It has to be something more than coincidence.

It feels like something — or someone — is trying to communicate with you.

And sometimes bits and pieces of those messages make it through. Or you see into the code, and part of it makes sense.

It doesn’t go away. It won’t stop. And maybe you don’t want it to, maybe you’re ready to embrace it, to meet it, to fully engage.

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Your Intuition on Another Level

Image - Simple Intuition

One of my newest intuitive development students writes:

“My Automatic Intuition Professional package is hurtling its way toward me… It should be here today, I’m very excited!

“In the meantime, I wanted to email you with a question.

“In the past week since I applied, while I’ve been eagerly anticipating starting our work together, some crazy stuff has started happening in my world. I have been having the most intense, frequent bouts of déja vu; I’ve been seeing movements out of the corner of my eye; and all kinds of sparkles have been appearing in my field of vision. I’ve always had this stuff happening to me to some extent, but it feels like it’s really “stepping up,” and I can’t help but think my spirit is getting primed for some serious tuning in when we start working together.

“Yesterday, I almost felt like I was in a pleasant fog or trance all evening. I was reading a book on my Kindle, and I kept realizing that I had totally zoned out whilst reading…

“Do you have any thoughts on this? Am I right about the reason I may be experiencing this?”

What Happens When You Engage Your Purpose
I have definitely observed this phenomenon in the lives of those I work with, as well as my own. The experience certainly varies; it’s unique to each of us.

I believe the actions you take, when you follow through on your application for the course and the acceptance email you receive, create parallel effects on Another Level, where you have “placed an order” with the Universe, setting the intentions to increase your abilities, open to new experiences, and move into new lanes along your Path.

I am, in effect, a kind of co-pilot. The experience of the Automatic Intuition Professional course is your vehicle. The Attunement you receive, your access to the Akashic Records, and the direction in which your Guides begin to steer you… It’s fascinating for me to discover with you how those intentions show up, what forms they take, and just how surprisingly transformational they can be.

It’s “bigger than the class.”
The course and our collaboration is a touchstone for something you are manifesting. In a timeless place, it’s always been there, waiting to be activated, like a program installed on your computer that you’ve just opened up to run.

(I’m speaking of the metaphorical and spiritual Program that mirrors the actual program that comes in the mail from my publisher.)

Even in that brief interim, as you wait for the course materials to physically arrive, you experience these “get to the know the program” screens, and pop-up windows, and Stuff winking into your awareness.

Don’t strain too hard to understand what each feeling, sight, sound, and synchronicity means. It’s kind of like the source code behind the programming. You can look at the source code and not necessarily be able to read it — that is independent of your ability to use the program.

Observe the little increases in psychic phenomena like clouds scudding by before a rain shower, or the first fireflies in your backyard at twilight, or your favorite songs popping up on shuffle in a perfect playlist.

The Universe winks at you when you take this kind of step.
Your guides are stirring up there somewhere, getting the material together, organizing the signs, inviting the special people who will come into your life at this time to change you, to be changed by you…

We will soon find out how this all comes together.

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The Most Psychic Times of Day

Image - Power Times

The “most psychic” times of day are often referred to as power times, power hours, or chime hours. You may wish to plan activities or rituals around these times according to your intentions, or advise others to do so.

For professional intuitives, these designations can be helpful in discerning additional meanings, or the context of other symbols and information, for your clients during readings.

Chime Hours

The chime hours — 3 a.m., 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 12 p.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m., 12 a.m. — were named during the period in human history when most people lived in villages, and the daily passing of time was measured by the chiming of the bell tower in the church at a town’s center.

Chime hours were believed to be magical, with each hour carrying a special force, energy, or topical focus.

  • 3 a.m. — Communication with the spirits of ancestors, the inherited wisdom of elders, peace, deep sleep, and prayer.*
  • 6 a.m. — Initiation, beginnings, launching of projects, fertility (of both human beings, ideas, and ventures)
  • 9 a.m. — Inspiration, productivity, intellectual thought, divine guidance, and money-making ideas
  • 12 p.m. — Career, employee relations, overcoming seemingly challenging odds
  • 3 p.m. — Change, physical movement, relocation, and travel
  • 6 p.m. — Family, children, marriage, and partnerships
  • 9 p.m. — Love, friendship, storytelling, and learning
  • 12 a.m. — Healing, resolving arguments, forgiveness, and psychic rejuvenation

The Monk’s Hours
*3 am – 5 am are also known as the monk’s hours. Pay special attention to any ideas, insights, or symbols that come to you at this time.

You may wake suddenly from a dream with answers or solutions, and not feel like rolling over and going back to sleep. The best thing you can do when this happens is grab a notebook (laptop, diary, smartphone, tablet — whatever you prefer) and do some journaling or automatic writing.

General Solar Peak Times

  • Dawn — prayers, rituals, and setting intentions regarding new beginnings, change, inspiration, and attracting psychic energies.
  • Noon — optimal time for taking actions, claiming power, ensuring success.
  • Dusk — love, healing, detaching and banishing psychic energies.

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Cutting Cords to Clients after Psychic Readings

Image - Psychic Cords of Attachment

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking a lot about a reading after you’ve completed it?

Even if you’re thinking a little too much about the positive results of a session or musing over a client’s grateful feedback, this often indicates that:

  • you have not properly logged out of the Akashic Records.
  • you have not completely released from the connection to the client.
  • you have not cleared the cords that formed between you and your client.

Obviously, for a few minutes immediately following the reading, you are going to think about it. (Of course.) And you may think about your client once in a while for a long time into the future, depending on how frequently you are in contact with her.

An appropriate amount of thought and some level of emotion are not “issues.”

But, if — after attempting to log out of a reading — you notice that you continue to have recurring thoughts about the client multiple times in a day, there may still be energy that needs to be cleared.

Cords to Your Clients

Whenever you perform a psychic reading, a cord is formed.

Even if you’re conscientiously logging out of the Akashic Records after completing a reading session, make sure that you’re also clearing the cords that formed while you were connected to that person’s energy.

The circumstances don’t have to be “negative” — even a reading that went really, really well can leave cords that drain your energy. It’s like accidentally leaving the refrigerator door ajar.

Post-Reading Energy Clearing Rituals

When I end a client reading or complete a mentoring session, I ask my angels to cut these cords.

(I don’t ask my spirit guides to do it — spirit guides give me information, while entities that exist at a higher vibration, such as archangels, are more effective with influencing energy.)

I combine the intention, visualization, and verbal request with a physical action — I use my hands to “wipe away” the cords from my body, as if I’m clearing away spider webs that I just walked through.

The physical action might resemble scraping beads of water off my face and body. I know an energy healer who shakes out his hands as if they have some sticky or dusty substance all over them. I have another intuitive colleague who makes a motion with her hands that looks as if she is removing a scarf from around her neck and tossing it aside.

Do you perform a clearing ritual of your own, in addition to logging off?

Since I do so many readings and sessions on my iPhone, I’ve also “programmed” additional clearing into the removal of my earbuds. I’ve established a protocol with my angels and guides that says “When I remove these earbuds from my ears after a call is done, the literal cords of the earphones falling away from my head represent the energetic cords between myself and the client detaching.”

That has worked really well for me — it ensures an additional strict discipline of cord-cutting on “autopilot,” even if I forget, am distracted or interrupted.

Often the cords with clients feel really good and we subconsciously want to hang onto them. If I find myself still re-playing the conversation an hour later (or whenever), then that’s a red flag that I haven’t properly cleared from the reading.

I know it sounds obvious, but I think we’re all a little guilty of becoming relaxed or sloppy about clearing the energy after a psychic reading. It reminds me of how much I want to skip a cool down after a work out, yet it’s as important as the warm up and the performance itself.

Take a look at your log off and clearing rituals — especially if you’re feeling distracted or drained — and ask yourself honestly if you might be slacking off.

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