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3 Things You Need to Perform Psychic Readings

There are 3 things that are critical to your ability to perform intuitive readings — and none of them have anything to do with “how psychic you think you are.”

Go Beyond Doing Psychic Readings

Beyond Readings – Next Level Professional Intuitive Development helps you further develop your creative gifts, discover your brand, and build your business.

Your Intuition on Another Level

The actions you take, when you follow through on your application for the course and the acceptance email you receive, create parallel effects on Another Level, where you have “placed an order” with the Universe, setting the intentions to increase your abilities, open to new experiences, and move into new lanes along your Path.

The Path to Becoming a Better Intuitive

Every intuitive learns from others, and everyone practices what they learn to become better and better. Every intuitive starts somewhere, at some point, and develops, grows, improves.

How to Read Auras

The How to Read Auras audio class is now available for download! Featuring: an Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn — even if you don’t think you’re all that “clairvoyant.”

4 Affirmations for Developing Your Intuition

Developing your intuition starts with a decision — decide to be more intuitive — set the intention. There are Four Basic Intentions regarding intuition and communicating with Spirit. To develop your intuitive abilities, in both a personal and professional capacity, reinforce your subconscious mind with the following decisions.

5 Benefits of Learning to Do Readings for Others

Many people take professional-level intuitive development courses like Automatic Intuition even when they do not have intentions of becoming a professional psychic. They learn as a part of developing their own personal intuitive abilities.

What are the benefits — to your own intuitive development — of learning to do psychic readings for others?

Activate Your Intuition

What’s wrong with what you think?

Saying or writing “I think” is like a power button that turns on the Thinking Mind. It says “Thinking Mind, you are now in the driver’s seat.”

How often does this accompany a denial of the Intuitive Mind?

The Intuitive Mind is not getting enough air time. Intuition is like a program installed on our computers that we don’t open or use as often as we do the Thinking Mind.

So, how do you (start to) activate the Intuitive Mind?

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