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Cutting Cords to Clients after Psychic Readings

Whenever you perform a psychic reading, a cord is formed. If, after attempting to log out of a reading, you notice that you continue to have recurring thoughts about the client multiple times in a day, there may still be energy that needs to be cleared.

10 Things They Don’t Tell You about Being a Professional Intuitive

Insights you would not have foreseen before accepting the path of a professional intuitive, psychic, or healer.

How Do You Respond to Someone Who May Be Suicidal or Mentally Disturbed?

Today I received an email from a woman who just seems to be… off. She says she feels suicidal but she’s also experiencing a synchronicity involving a Gaelic word that means “sanctified.” She has not requested a reading or inquired about how to book a private session with me. She just writes “Can you help…

Psychic Boxes and Bubbles

In addition to rituals of psychic protection and energy clearing, there are ways to create healthy psychic distance — even when you’re in the middle of an intentional reading.

The Main Difference between Intuition and the Thinking Mind

“How do you tell the difference between your intuitive impulses and your thoughts?” Here’s a practical, general rule for discerning intuitive information or divine guidance as separate from your intellectual thoughts.

It’s Not About You

When your ego interferes with doubts about your ability to perform professionally, how do you free yourself from that paralysis and get back into your sense of purpose?

Psychic Shielding for Empaths

Empathy — experiencing external emotional energies as your own moods and sensitivities and feelings — is the foundation of “being psychic.” For those who identify as Lightworkers, empathy is a part of everyday life. For those who take this identity into the professional realm, residual energy can literally become an occupational hazard. Shielding yourself from other people’s vibrations is an important concept to learn and practice.

Everyday Intuition

With intuition, there is no “wrong turn” or “dead end” — everything is either Right Turn or an Alternate Route. There are detours, there are short-cuts that can only be called Going Around Your Ass to Get to Your Elbow — but even those are never, ever “wrong” — they just are.

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