Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

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A decade ago, I was the last person you might have thought of as a potential Lantern Bearer to emerging Lightworkers. Until I accepted this current mission, I had never held the same job for more than three years (the average was only one).

I’ve now been running my own business as a professional intuitive and self-published personal development author for ten years (since 2003).

I cuss (often). I find it hard not to hate the Haters. Sometimes, I’m paralyzed by anger.

I’m outraged.

I’m amoral, immoral, irreverent. Retaliatory, argumentative, dogmatic, and just as damned hypocritical as any other Believer.

Thank God I wasn’t needed in the Light.

Lantern Bearers are most needed at the edge of darkness where the fallen and the lost escape back across the border into our Motherland of love and tolerance.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”

You’ve incarnated into an environmental wetsuit of mortal flesh that allows you to interface with the third-dimensional world. We speak of virtual reality and artificial environments as if they are only the stuff of futurist, science fiction fantasies, but isn’t life on this planet a true miracle of special effects?

Our missions are not pre-ordained. We do have free will. Some of us may willfully choose to ignore the signs of greater purpose. Some of us may have been overwhelmed by this physical life experience or traumatized by events to the point that we cannot fulfill our missions — we’ve forgotten, or been brainwashed, or been taught to believe something else.

If you are here today, reading this, it’s most likely because you have begun to remember where you came from… You have an inkling that there is something you are meant to do. That there is something more.

Deep down, privately, whether or not you would ever admit it out loud to anyone else, you believe you are special. You are chosen.

Or you choose to believe. You choose to participate.

There are signs all around you.

You’ve seen evidence. You’ve noticed patterns. Sometimes, the synchronicity takes your breath away. It has to be something more than coincidence.

It feels like something — or someone — is trying to communicate with you.

And sometimes bits and pieces of those messages make it through. Or you see into the code, and part of it makes sense.

It doesn’t go away. It won’t stop. And maybe you don’t want it to, maybe you’re ready to embrace it, to meet it, to fully engage.

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Stretch to a Higher Level

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Should it not be a stretch?

A milestone as major as developing your intuition, coming out of the psychic closet, starting your own business as a professional intuitive…

Of course it seems like a “stretch.” Don’t you want this to be huge, to be life changing?

The Universe is offering you an opportunity to stretch for something really worthwhile:

  • to stretch your identity
  • to stretch your abilities
  • to stretch your purpose

When you are ready to act upon a Calling, you make a declaration to the Universe of your intention to operate at a higher level.

Investment is both a literal and symbolic commitment, a way of manifesting a spiritual calling into physical reality. When you do that, resources appear to support you, on every level.

Hundreds of Times Over

I remember the first time I invested in a professional intuitive mentoring course. It was 1500 dollars. Early in the development of my practice, that was about the same amount as what I earned for a whole month of giving readings.

My intuition, my guides, my gut, all felt clear — I was on the verge of making a shift from part-time enthusiast, from dabbler, to full-time spiritual entrepreneur. I was going to do it, even though it was financially challenging.

I put the tuition on a credit card and paid like 125 a month for the next year. (Not my first choice…)

But you know what?

Because of that training, I was able to make HUNDREDS of times the cost of that course in income.

And I continue to do so, year after year.

When I look back now, I cannot imagine my life where I would not have found a way to answer that Call and do the course that I did.

It allowed me to change my life.

Funding may be a stretch. I get it.

So, you’re being offered an opportunity to stretch.

It’s one of the ways you can ground your spiritual commitment in third dimensional reality.

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The Difference Between Personal & Professional Intuitive Development

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An intuitive named Andrew sent me the following email:

Here’s my problem — I’ve been doing readings for a few months now. Sometimes, I do readings that are very accurate; but then I also do readings that aren’t very accurate at all. I just keep practicing because I want to do better, but I feel like sometimes I’m just not getting consistent information.

I’ve read tons of books. I studied lots of different techniques. I’ve taken a bunch of workshops and courses.

I purchased your Personal Level Intuitive courses a few weeks ago — Talking to Your Spirit Guides and Automatic Writing Lessons.

Honestly, I have to say your techniques are truly effective. The crystal I charged during the initial meditation in Talking to Your Spirit Guides really does help me make a better connection to spirit more deeply than I used be able to. So, that makes me wonder…

Could I just need energy healing of some kind? Would that open up things up for me?

— Andrew

You don’t just need some kind of energy healing — you may specifically need professional level attunement.

Of course, any energetic clearing or healing probably won’t “hurt” — but it can be a bit like one session on a treadmill, one yoga class, or one chiropractic adjustment… You would benefit from an on-going daily approach that is cumulative and has — above all — the right foundation.

There is a difference between personal and professional intuitive development.

Professional level intuitive development:

  • begins with a different intention
  • introduces you to specialized spirit guides
  • strengthens your access to the Akashic Records

Many of the courses you have probably taken in the past are intended to develop your intuition for “personal use.” While you may be able to cobble together the skill set and develop a practice through trial and error, Professional Level Intuitive Development has an entirely different level of intention behind it.

The meditation and the object you charge in Talking to Your Spirit Guides is specifically programmed to help you connect to your personal guide team.

The Attunement in Automatic Intuition Professional calls in your Akashic Records Guides and ensures your ability to retrieve accurate information in service to other people, in alignment with your Highest Path and Purpose.

Professional training and mentoring can mean the difference between about 3 months of practice versus about 3 years to get to where you’re hoping to go.

That doesn’t mean you can’t become a professional intuitive working on your own — but, most everyone I know who has a truly successful intuitive practice, built on retrieving consistent information and impacting their clients’ lives in a positive way, has received coaching from at least one mentor. (Myself included!)

There are many professional intuitives who will let you in behind the scenes. We all learn from one another. Providing a strong Attunement to the Akashic Records is one of the most powerful foundations we can provide those we teach.

How do you choose the right intuitive mentor?

It’s pretty simple — look for someone you admire, whose practice has been thriving for several years, someone with whom you can identify, whose writing, speaking, philosophy or teaching speaks to you.

You’ll just know — You will see yourself in your teacher. You will experience a nudge from your spirit guides to act. Something will just… click. Trust those feelings — they are the most accurate divination you have.

Automatic Intuition Professional - Cover ImageAutomatic Intuition Professional Training.

Please check out the course description page:

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F-Bomb Marketing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What makes someone want to become your client?

A person looking for guidance can find intuitives and psychics and gifted spiritual healers all over the place — especially on the Internet.

What makes her want to get a reading from you instead of one of the other personal development bloggers she follows?

You can’t control this nearly as much as you may think you can.

Within this industry of personal development / spiritual teaching / energetic healing — the intangible magic factors of marketing are significantly magnified:

  • Serendipity
  • Synchronicity
  • Divine Timing

There are invisible forces at work bringing us together that we may never even be conscious of — we put ourselves out there and let the Universal machinery take over.

Your marketing does matter — do not misunderstand me — you absolutely must put yourself out there and gather a tribe of like-minded souls.

It’s just that what you think you’re supposed to be doing is probably way more complicated than it needs to be.

The good news is that authenticity in your marketing is both powerful and simple. A lot simpler than trying to Be Something and Sound Like Somebody your best girlfriend would not recognize.

It’s You, at Soul-level, that your potential client recognizes. So the one aspect of your marketing you can ensure is that you are recognizable — you are simply yourself and not trying to be anyone else.


“Who am I to think I’m such an expert?”

Hey, listen — if you’re the person in the room who has one more crumb of wisdom than everybody else, you are, by default, an expert.

There is great power in presenting yourself as someone who is in the process of learning — and sharing that process with others on a similar path.

Think of yourself less as The Expert and more along the lines of a Camp Counselor. The cool camp counselor is the one you want to be like when you grow up.


“I still have a lot of flaws.”

Excellent! Then you’re relatable as a human being.

When someone thinks you’re perfect, they feel disconnected from you and are much less likely to approach you for help. When you show your flaws — your vulnerability — your potential clients see themselves in your experiences, identify with you, and feel they can trust you.

It’s called “Mirroring” — it’s one of those magical aspects of being a spiritual teacher. You don’t control it. You just present yourself and the people who can see themselves in you will see themselves.

And nobody looks in mirror and sees “perfect.”

If you wait until you have it All Figured Out to do this work and express your creative sense of purpose, you won’t be serving anyone — you’ll be dead before you get around to it.


Were you around for that recent article about Bobby?

That post — that experience, in and of itself — was not what I would have remotely considered potentially “effective” marketing.

It was:

  • Too Soon — I don’t typically like to publish about life lessons I am still processing or still actively going through. I don’t know what the final outcome may be yet, the true lesson may only just have begun to emerge. And it may change on me. My opinions may change too.
  • Too Personal — While it was happening, it felt less like a professional learning experience and more like a personal lesson. It was hardly a feather in my cap, a jewel in my crown, or a big “success” story for me to share as someone promoting his teaching abilities. Some of it was honestly scary and humiliating — I felt ill-equipped to handle what had been thrown my way. Why would I want to show potential clients and students what I look like fumbling and stumbling?
  • Too Painful — This was pretty much the opposite of a feel-good testimonial. We want to have our students and clients to rave about the positive results of working with us, not that we uncovered something really undesirable about them and have yet to “fix” it.

Bobby was the one it was too painful for — but he flipped the experience back on me and insisted that my guides and his guides wanted me to use this, to talk about it. He gave me permission and we agreed to change his name to protect his identity.

Just for the record, I never turn my clients’ lives into material without their permission. Actually, when you see me do this, they have literally asked me to or suggested it. I often receive replies to my emails “This is great advice! You should turn this into a post.”

It comes from the same motivation talk show guests usually claim — so that their stories might help someone else in similar circumstances.

I really just wanted to vent, to get it off my chest. Between me and you, when I wrote it, I still had no plans to actually publish it. An important distinction — writing versus posting…

I sat down with a Twitter-sized intention to share a quick comment about how racism and all forms of hate directly oppose spiritual development. It ended up being “too long.”

(At this point, I’m beginning to think “too long” is pretty much just one of the identifying ingredients of what I personally get when I attempt to be truly authentic. So be it. I’m working on “succinct” — it does not come naturally to me.)

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The F-Bomb

On top of everything else that might have made that article “not ready for prime time,” I punctuated the closing statement with a glaring “fuck.”

I took it out. I put it back in.

Bottom-line: It’s what I truly felt like saying in that moment.

I don’t exactly cuss like a sailor, but sometimes my ramblings can blur into rumblings that require a metallic spike of profanity to make the other words rattle a little bit more distinctly.

So, anyway, guess what? That was hands-down THE most successful article on Automatic Intuition to date. The most-commented, most-tweeted, most-shared, most-replied-to post you’ll find in this part of Sladespace (we’re excepting Shift Your Spirits, of course).

I received one disgusted email from a (soon to be UN-) subscriber:
“You have a curse word in your article!” (As if I didn’t know…)

“It is un-Christian and un-professional!”

Gee, really? Because y’all know how hard I’m trying to represent myself as both Christian and Corporate. (read with sarcasm)

(She had clearly wandered into the wrong classroom — bless her heart — and she is not remotely a member of my tribe. Best for both of us to find this out now so that neither of us wastes any valuable time or energy.)

In a niche such as ours, the concept of Professional Brand can hinge entirely on Personal Identity.

Guess what else happened as a result of that F-bomb?

  • A client hired me for a reading. She told me that when she read that “fuck” she instantly knew I was “for real” and would “tell it like it is” and that’s what she needed to hear.
  • An up-and-coming psychic medium applied for the Automatic Intuition Professional course. She identified herself as “edgy” and said she related to my irreverence, humor, and “ballsiness.”
  • Another male intuitive said he’d been looking for a teacher to help him develop his practice and that everyone else he’d considered seemed a bit too “goody goody” and also geared toward women. There was nothing wrong with those vibes, he said, but he felt “excluded.” When he read my post about Bobby, and the fact that I was “not afraid to cuss in church” as he so eloquently put it, he felt an instant sense of connection. He hired me to create an Individual Development Plan for his intuitive business, a project with a five-figure fee that will keep me in business for the rest of the year.

I’m not telling you all this to blow my own horn. I didn’t know for sure that publishing the Bobby article was a good idea. I even hesitated about using the word “fuck” to make my point.

Ultimately, when I waffle, when I wonder, when I’m not sure — I ask myself:

  • “Is this me?”
  • “Is this how I really speak?”
  • “Is this article like eavesdropping on me and one of my friends having coffee?”

If it’s Me, Being Myself — it usually works.

Be yourself. Everybody else is taken. I believe we have Ralph Waldo to thank for that T-shirt.

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Are You a Psychic Clone?

Apples and Oranges

How does the Automatic Intuition Professional course compare to other intuitive training programs?

I receive a lot of emails asking me how my training is different from other psychic development programs. Many of these queries ask me to contrast my content and teaching style with the work of some very dear friends of mine.

I can only be supportive of the work of my peers.

Let me instead point out a few of the intentions behind Automatic Intuition Professional:

Eclectic Training is Celebrated

We’ve all studied a lot of different modalities. We all tend to have multiple teachers. We all end up with a mix-and-matched hodgepodge of techniques and wisdom.

I call this your Toolbox or your Box of Crayons. You may think the bag of tricks you’ve accumulated over a lifetime looks like a “mess” — I prefer the words “eclectic” and “diverse.”

This is a powerful thing. You have a lot to pull from. Your practice is a mosaic, a collage.

My overarching intention is that you can use Automatic Intuition Professional along with any other training or modality you have studied or may want to study in the future.

YOU are the unique force that binds it all together.

No One Type of Psychic Ability is Dominant

As I was working to develop this program, I went to a lot of other teachers’ workshops.

I kept asking myself:

  • How would I improve on this experience?
  • Is there anything I can add to this collective wisdom?
  • What is missing for me as a student?
  • How could I offer something unique as a teacher?

I have to be honest, sometimes I felt the same way I always feel in classes and groups — that I don’t really fit in.

All my life, I felt like the Goldilocks of Spiritual Development : “This teaching is too out there. This teaching is too dull. I like this part, but the other stuff turns me off. This feels a little hokey. There’s not enough magic in this one…”

Have you ever been to one of these training workshops and found that the entire course is dependent on, say, clairvoyance… and that’s not your strength? Or there’s a dependence on some tool like reading cards or using a pendulum and if you’re not comfortable with those tools, you’re kinda left watching from the sidelines.

I decided that my training program would champion your uniqueness. Not only what your strengths are, but the eclectic, diverse, weird and wacky way that you combine and use psychic abilities that looks like no one else’s practice.

This course is designed so that you can learn to retrieve similar types of information from a variety of techniques. If you feel like you totally suck in one area of psychic ability, then we throw that back in the broken crayon bucket and focus on the aspects that you do feel confident about. Along the way, I encourage you to try and pick up a few tricks you may not have realized you could so easily integrate…

Image - Clones

Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching

I don’t know of any psychic training program that offers as much in the way of personal coaching. Starting with 3 hours minimum and usually ending up being closer to 6 hours of personal time with me, our calls are where we customize the course just for you.

I only list the coaching calls as a tiny sentence at the bottom of the course description, but the private sessions with me are truly the jewel in the crown of the work that I do. It’s one aspect that gets excellent reviews and feedback, time and time again.

You’re Not a Certified Clone

The goal — the end game, here — is not for you to be a Mini-Slade or to become an Emissary of the House of Slade.

Whatever. Something about that feels… a bit insulting.

I don’t even feel comfortable referring to the people I mentor as “students,” I call you my “Peers” — Who’s to say you’re not “more psychic” than I am? Or that your practice won’t one day be “more successful” than mine. You may end up with your OWN show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, who can say? (Please invite me on as a guest if that happens.)

But what you can say is that I was the person — who was already very successful at doing something similar to what you wanted to accomplish — who gave you that gentle shove into living your purpose at a new level. I took you by the hand, showed you my entire operation, behind the scenes. I walked you backstage, demystified what works in my practice and what doesn’t, and gave you at least a five-year step up in experience.

Your dream of having a professional spiritual practice went from overwhelming and vague to simple and practical in just a couple of months.

Your Business — Not Mine

There is only so much that can go in a “workbook” — everyone is different. Automatic Intuition Professional is offered with the intention not to teach you how to do my readings, but to support you in developing your own unique, eclectic practice that looks like no one else’s but yours.

I don’t have to “sell” you on this course of action. You already feel like you’ve been led here, your guides are poking you as you read the description of what’s in the program…

What I’m talking about feels familiar to you. You recognize yourself at soul level here.

You’ve wanted to do this for awhile now. If you’re meant to do it, you will.

These things have a way of being divinely timed.

Go, look again, and see if it’s your time now:

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