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How to Read Auras

The How to Read Auras audio class is now available for download! Featuring: an Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn — even if you don’t think you’re all that “clairvoyant.”

Free Ebook Download for Professional Intuitives

Three Reference Sections from the Automatic Intuition Professional workbook — featuring Aura Color Meanings, Chakra Associations, and Archetypal Houses — are available for download.

The Intellect is Not the Enemy of Psychic Ability

The Intellectual Mind is not an adversary of the Intuitive Mind. Often, the smallest “nugget” of psychic insight provides a lot more to work with than you might expect. And that additional, more complete, more thorough picture actually does not always come intuitively — much of it can be achieved intellectually.

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