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One of my newest intuitive development students writes:

“My Automatic Intuition Professional package is hurtling its way toward me… It should be here today, I’m very excited!

“In the meantime, I wanted to email you with a question.

“In the past week since I applied, while I’ve been eagerly anticipating starting our work together, some crazy stuff has started happening in my world. I have been having the most intense, frequent bouts of déja vu; I’ve been seeing movements out of the corner of my eye; and all kinds of sparkles have been appearing in my field of vision. I’ve always had this stuff happening to me to some extent, but it feels like it’s really “stepping up,” and I can’t help but think my spirit is getting primed for some serious tuning in when we start working together.

“Yesterday, I almost felt like I was in a pleasant fog or trance all evening. I was reading a book on my Kindle, and I kept realizing that I had totally zoned out whilst reading…

“Do you have any thoughts on this? Am I right about the reason I may be experiencing this?”

What Happens When You Engage Your Purpose
I have definitely observed this phenomenon in the lives of those I work with, as well as my own. The experience certainly varies; it’s unique to each of us.

I believe the actions you take, when you follow through on your application for the course and the acceptance email you receive, create parallel effects on Another Level, where you have “placed an order” with the Universe, setting the intentions to increase your abilities, open to new experiences, and move into new lanes along your Path.

I am, in effect, a kind of co-pilot. The experience of the Automatic Intuition Professional course is your vehicle. The Attunement you receive, your access to the Akashic Records, and the direction in which your Guides begin to steer you… It’s fascinating for me to discover with you how those intentions show up, what forms they take, and just how surprisingly transformational they can be.

It’s “bigger than the class.”
The course and our collaboration is a touchstone for something you are manifesting. In a timeless place, it’s always been there, waiting to be activated, like a program installed on your computer that you’ve just opened up to run.

(I’m speaking of the metaphorical and spiritual Program that mirrors the actual program that comes in the mail from my publisher.)

Even in that brief interim, as you wait for the course materials to physically arrive, you experience these “get to the know the program” screens, and pop-up windows, and Stuff winking into your awareness.

Don’t strain too hard to understand what each feeling, sight, sound, and synchronicity means. It’s kind of like the source code behind the programming. You can look at the source code and not necessarily be able to read it — that is independent of your ability to use the program.

Observe the little increases in psychic phenomena like clouds scudding by before a rain shower, or the first fireflies in your backyard at twilight, or your favorite songs popping up on shuffle in a perfect playlist.

The Universe winks at you when you take this kind of step.
Your guides are stirring up there somewhere, getting the material together, organizing the signs, inviting the special people who will come into your life at this time to change you, to be changed by you…

We will soon find out how this all comes together.

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The Path to Becoming a Better Intuitive

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The only way to predict your future path is to create as much of it as you can. There are no guarantees of how “good” you might be one day at what you do.

As with any skill set, quantity and practice play an enormous role in becoming a better intuitive:

  • The more readings you do, the more confident you become.
  • The more client feedback you receive, the more you know how accurate your readings are.

You can cobble together the skills from various sources and grope your way down an unlighted path. You can also learn from others who are doing what you want to do and propel yourself further along that path — faster, with greater success, sooner.

Everyone learns from others, and everyone practices what they learn to become better and better.

Every intuitive starts somewhere, at some point, and develops, grows, improves.

The fortunate ones meet peers, teachers, and mentors along the way who are willing to share their experiences and their techniques — to demystify the process and show you that you are like them more than you are different.

  • How do you plan to learn?
  • Who do you feel you can learn from?
  • When will you begin?

There are no wrong answers to those questions — only options along your path to becoming a better intuitive.

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Automatic Intuition Professional - Cover ImageProfessional Intuitive Training

Have you been intending to study Automatic Intuition? Now is the time to take your intuitive abilities to the next level!

Please check out the course description page:

Are You a Psychic Clone?

Apples and Oranges

How does the Automatic Intuition Professional course compare to other intuitive training programs?

I receive a lot of emails asking me how my training is different from other psychic development programs. Many of these queries ask me to contrast my content and teaching style with the work of some very dear friends of mine.

I can only be supportive of the work of my peers.

Let me instead point out a few of the intentions behind Automatic Intuition Professional:

Eclectic Training is Celebrated

We’ve all studied a lot of different modalities. We all tend to have multiple teachers. We all end up with a mix-and-matched hodgepodge of techniques and wisdom.

I call this your Toolbox or your Box of Crayons. You may think the bag of tricks you’ve accumulated over a lifetime looks like a “mess” — I prefer the words “eclectic” and “diverse.”

This is a powerful thing. You have a lot to pull from. Your practice is a mosaic, a collage.

My overarching intention is that you can use Automatic Intuition Professional along with any other training or modality you have studied or may want to study in the future.

YOU are the unique force that binds it all together.

No One Type of Psychic Ability is Dominant

As I was working to develop this program, I went to a lot of other teachers’ workshops.

I kept asking myself:

  • How would I improve on this experience?
  • Is there anything I can add to this collective wisdom?
  • What is missing for me as a student?
  • How could I offer something unique as a teacher?

I have to be honest, sometimes I felt the same way I always feel in classes and groups — that I don’t really fit in.

All my life, I felt like the Goldilocks of Spiritual Development : “This teaching is too out there. This teaching is too dull. I like this part, but the other stuff turns me off. This feels a little hokey. There’s not enough magic in this one…”

Have you ever been to one of these training workshops and found that the entire course is dependent on, say, clairvoyance… and that’s not your strength? Or there’s a dependence on some tool like reading cards or using a pendulum and if you’re not comfortable with those tools, you’re kinda left watching from the sidelines.

I decided that my training program would champion your uniqueness. Not only what your strengths are, but the eclectic, diverse, weird and wacky way that you combine and use psychic abilities that looks like no one else’s practice.

This course is designed so that you can learn to retrieve similar types of information from a variety of techniques. If you feel like you totally suck in one area of psychic ability, then we throw that back in the broken crayon bucket and focus on the aspects that you do feel confident about. Along the way, I encourage you to try and pick up a few tricks you may not have realized you could so easily integrate…

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Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching

I don’t know of any psychic training program that offers as much in the way of personal coaching. Starting with 3 hours minimum and usually ending up being closer to 6 hours of personal time with me, our calls are where we customize the course just for you.

I only list the coaching calls as a tiny sentence at the bottom of the course description, but the private sessions with me are truly the jewel in the crown of the work that I do. It’s one aspect that gets excellent reviews and feedback, time and time again.

You’re Not a Certified Clone

The goal — the end game, here — is not for you to be a Mini-Slade or to become an Emissary of the House of Slade.

Whatever. Something about that feels… a bit insulting.

I don’t even feel comfortable referring to the people I mentor as “students,” I call you my “Peers” — Who’s to say you’re not “more psychic” than I am? Or that your practice won’t one day be “more successful” than mine. You may end up with your OWN show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, who can say? (Please invite me on as a guest if that happens.)

But what you can say is that I was the person — who was already very successful at doing something similar to what you wanted to accomplish — who gave you that gentle shove into living your purpose at a new level. I took you by the hand, showed you my entire operation, behind the scenes. I walked you backstage, demystified what works in my practice and what doesn’t, and gave you at least a five-year step up in experience.

Your dream of having a professional spiritual practice went from overwhelming and vague to simple and practical in just a couple of months.

Your Business — Not Mine

There is only so much that can go in a “workbook” — everyone is different. Automatic Intuition Professional is offered with the intention not to teach you how to do my readings, but to support you in developing your own unique, eclectic practice that looks like no one else’s but yours.

I don’t have to “sell” you on this course of action. You already feel like you’ve been led here, your guides are poking you as you read the description of what’s in the program…

What I’m talking about feels familiar to you. You recognize yourself at soul level here.

You’ve wanted to do this for awhile now. If you’re meant to do it, you will.

These things have a way of being divinely timed.

Go, look again, and see if it’s your time now:

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5 Benefits of Learning to Do Readings for Others

Many people take professional-level intuitive development courses like Automatic Intuition even when they do not have intentions of becoming a professional psychic or healing arts practitioner.

Why is learning to do readings for others so important to your own intuitive development?

Why would you want to do readings for others if it’s never going to be a job?

Can’t you just communicate with your own guides?

Can’t you just develop your intuition on your own?

Obviously, for some of us this is either a calling, a sense of life purpose, a career, or all of the above.

But, if we take Life Purpose and Career off the table, what are the benefits — to your own intuitive development — of learning to do readings?

How does performing readings for others impact the development of your own personal psychic abilities?


Lightworkers are found in all walks of life; we represent a great wave in the spread of holistic, spiritual literacy that balances our capabilities in information technology.

To be of service to other people — to learn how to express love and experience joy — is one of the fundamental reasons you have incarnated on this planet. You’re not just communicating with Spirit, with your angels, with your spirit guides for yourself — you’re doing so on behalf of the collective soul of mankind.

There’s just something powerful about the Service component — when you do for others, your intentions are met with exponentially greater energetic resources. Anxieties and petty concerns melt away.


Being overly self-involved is its own kind of blindness, on so many levels. Empathy, compassion, and nurturing other living things is at the foundation of psychological, spiritual, and even physical health and longevity.

The expression “can’t see the forest for the trees” is about not having objective, outside perspective from which to view your challenges. You can’t do that for yourself — you always need someone else.

In order for everyone to have that access, in order to participate in that energy exchange, you must contribute as well as consume — you must reciprocate.

Stepping outside yourself and holding up that mirror, being that sounding board, looking at someone’s situation from a different angle with a fresh set of eyes is something that absolutely everyone requires from one another.

Emotional Detachment

Emotions can distort everything.

It’s almost impossible to discern intuitive wisdom — or at least trust it 100% — when your emotions are involved.

Are you just hearing what you want to hear? Is it really wisdom you’re accessing or just wishful thinking?

As with perspective, it takes a compassionate partner to establish a true sense of clarity.

It’s easier to trust the input of someone who has no emotional investment — often a stranger provides the ultimate freedom of perspective and emotional detachment.

Intuition vs. Imagination

How do you know for sure if it’s your intuition or just your imagination?

You don’t.

You can hang around in the vacuum of your own mind receiving intuitive impressions all day long… and never know if what you’re getting is “real” or meaningful.

The best metric for evaluating your intuitive abilities and the truth of the psychic impressions you receive is another person’s feedback.

The perfect approach to this “Intuition vs Imagination Quandary” is to perform readings for other people — preferably strangers. The best way to identify a “psychic hit” is when you pick up information about someone you’ve never met before, communicate those impressions, and hear feedback about the accuracy of your intuition.

That’s the most powerful source of encouragement and confidence in your abilities that you will ever get.

Points of Comparison

Just knowing what intuitive information looks, feels, and sounds like when I retrieve it for other people makes it that much easier for me to evaluate or to discern the messages I receive for myself.

The more readings I do for others, the more my personal intuitive vocabulary grows.

Signs, symbols, and patterns that show up with great frequency become a kind of private language — the quantity, the data, the points of comparison are acquired by reading for other people.

Over the years, one of the greatest benefits I have discovered to doing readings for other people — one I had not anticipated — is that I can retro-engineer my own wisdom and advice.

I now find myself constantly comparing my own questions and challenges to those that I’ve observed with my clients and asking “What would Spirit advise a client to do in this situation?”

This has been fundamental to my learning to Walk My Own Talk.

What would you add?
Setting aside the obvious rewards of doing readings as a job or an expression of life purpose, what surprising personal benefits have you discovered doing readings for others?

Please leave a comment and share your experience.

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Everyday Intuition

I want to remind you that you are exactly where you are “supposed” to be.

Intuition is an internal mechanism for processing experience that ultimately affects 100% of the decisions you make (to some degree; whether consciously or not).

When you speak of developing your intuition, you are not talking about “acquiring” anything. You’re really seeking to become consciously aware of an inherent function of the Self. Sometimes I marvel at my own presumption — that we both accept my offer to teach you to discover something you already possess; to use something you’re already using, have always used, and always will use.

Does it really matter What Intuition is or How it works? Do you even need to understand it at that level (a bit of navel-gazing and philosophical masturbation, really) or would you be content with simply learning to use it better?

Another presumptuous irony in teaching/ studying, reading/ writing about Intuition is that it is not an Intellectual function; reading and studying — Thinking — about Intuition will not necessarily strengthen it. Thinking about Intuition is comparable to… oh, I don’t know, like trying to Taste Noise.

Philosophically, you may be comforted to know that it is impossible to “mess up” any decision or choice of direction. See, we rush to that Dualistic judgment of Good vs. Bad Decisions. We simplify our intentions to believe that if we consciously trust our intuition it will result in a Good Decision, and that if we ignore our intuition it always results in a Bad Decision. It’s more complex than that. We see going “against” our intuition — rebelling against what we “know” because it resides outside the logical, Thinking Mind, failing to heed the still, small voice within, ignoring our gut instinct — as some kind of spiritual immaturity, or self-sabotage, or unnecessary self-torture.

What if I asked you to consider that even your biggest, worst, seemingly self-sabotaging, unconscious intuitive “failure” may still serve you? If you “blow” it, it’s because you don’t yet “get” it — and the necessary required Lesson is delivered in the form of this “bad decision.”

So, really, forgive yourself — as you are consciously and willfully intending to develop your intuitive abilities:

  • be Brave
  • be Gentle
  • (at the same time)

It’s All Valuable. It’s All Exactly as It Should Be. You cannot “fail.”

With intuition, there is no “wrong turn” or “dead end” — everything is either Right Turn or an Alternate Route. There are detours, there are short-cuts that can only be called Going Around Your Ass to Get to Your Elbow — but even those are never, ever “wrong” — they just are.

When “grading” yourself in the area of intuitive development, the tendency is to think of it as a Pass/ Fail scenario. What if I told you that the only potential judgment is either an A+ (and anything else is a C-)?

You’re either incredibly Gifted or Too Smart for Your Own Good.

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