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Your Intuition on Another Level

The actions you take, when you follow through on your application for the course and the acceptance email you receive, create parallel effects on Another Level, where you have “placed an order” with the Universe, setting the intentions to increase your abilities, open to new experiences, and move into new lanes along your Path.

The Path to Becoming a Better Intuitive

Every intuitive learns from others, and everyone practices what they learn to become better and better. Every intuitive starts somewhere, at some point, and develops, grows, improves.

Are You a Psychic Clone?

There is only so much that can go in a “workbook” — everyone is different. Automatic Intuition Professional is offered with the intention not to teach you how to do my readings, but to support you in developing your own unique, eclectic practice.

5 Benefits of Learning to Do Readings for Others

Many people take professional-level intuitive development courses like Automatic Intuition even when they do not have intentions of becoming a professional psychic. They learn as a part of developing their own personal intuitive abilities.

What are the benefits — to your own intuitive development — of learning to do psychic readings for others?

Everyday Intuition

With intuition, there is no “wrong turn” or “dead end” — everything is either Right Turn or an Alternate Route. There are detours, there are short-cuts that can only be called Going Around Your Ass to Get to Your Elbow — but even those are never, ever “wrong” — they just are.

Intuitive Abilities are Not Acquired

Intuition is something we all have, we already possess, we already use, whether we are conscious of it or not. The first goal in developing your intuition is to start with what is already present.

Let’s Do This!

Establishing intentions for the blog in support of the Automatic Intuition Professional Training Program.

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