What’s the difference between 2 or 3 mentoring sessions?

Mentoring Session #1 is an Assessment of your abilities, selection of modalities, tools and techniques you are most likely to get great results from employing, as well as establishing a basic reading practice for you to perform.

Mentoring Session #2 is for feedback on how your abilities work, correcting your process where needed, identifying the clients you are attracting, the issues your practice is meant to address, the themes of your purpose, and taking your practice to the next level.

Traditionally, Mentoring Session #3 has featured information about putting your intuitive skills out into the world as a business — you are supported in pricing of services, branding, advertising, web site development, content marketing, and finding clients.

Some people want to get started working professionally right away; some want to work on business development on their own; some need help with business development and content marketing down the road, once they get their web site together …

Can you come back later and add Mentoring Session #3?

Yes. You may purchase a third session for business development at any time.

Because there is often a delay for some people between establishing their abilities, practicing, and turning it into a business, this will distribute some of the cost of the program for you.

Can you purchase a single Business Mentoring Session?

Say, you’re already established as an intuitive or healer or spiritual teacher and you just want some help with the business and marketing side of things …

Yes. Book a call with me on my personal Readings page or contact me.

If you’d like more on-going support, check out Beyond Readings — Intuitive Business Development Mentoring Program.

So, what’s the benefit to purchasing the 3 Sessions upfront?

Statistically, those who purchase the full program AND complete the 3 mentoring sessions within a 3 month period are the ones who are most successful in launching a business and making income doing this work.

You also save about $50 to $150 or more*.

*As the rate for an individual session rises, the third session may be more expensive in the future, depending on how long it is before you want to purchase a third session.