I never intended to become a professional intuitive. I had no idea I could even do readings until other people asked me to. (And then I realized I'd probably been doing them my whole life, and just didn't know it.)

In 2003, I started experiencing increasingly intense signs and sychronicities regarding my spiritual purpose. I lost two jobs in a row — I'd never lost a job in my life — and at the age of thirty-three I had an aneurysm which left me partially paralyzed for about nine months. One side of my face appeared melted and frozen; my left arm was only partially useful; and, worst of all for holding a job, the facial paralysis made my words appeared slurred when I spoke.

I became something of a shut-in for almost three years. As I recovered physically, paranormal experiences occurred more frequently. Feeling crazy and damaged and cut-off from the world, I began to communicate more and more with my spirit guides and angels.

They answered. (Insert all the jokes about "voices in your head"...)

The answers were simple and direct — I was supposed to go public with my experiences, and I was meant to help people connect with their own guides.

I had nothing to lose; and in a desperate attempt to change my life in some meaningful way, I agreed to follow the instructions of my guides.

You are already everything you've ever wanted to become. You're not missing anything. You fulfill your life purpose with every breath you take.

When I asked what I was meant to do, they kept saying:

"Teach people to be intuitives."

They even said I was supposed to teach people how to give readings, to communicate with guides on behalf of others. I thought at the time "How am I supposed to teach people to do readings? I don't even do readings myself..."

I figured there had to be something in between, but I started with the part I knew how to do.


In 2006, I launched a blog called Shift Your Spirits, which I never thought anyone would even see. I initially published a dozen posts about how I believe we all have angels and spirit guides, and about how I communicate with them.

Over the course of a few weeks, to my great surprise, tons of people visited and subscribed to my blog. Readers started emailing me and asking me questions, which I tried to answer in new posts.

After writing about the names of my guides, readers started emailing me asking if I could find out the names of their guides.

"Can you do a reading for me?"

There it was — the obvious step I assumed was coming.

I didn't know if I could, but I agreed to try. And...I got something! With everyone. The feedback was positive.

So for a few weeks, I offered a simple reading in exchange for subscribing to my blog.

By the end of my first month publishing Shift Your Spirits, I had over 800 subscribers and spent the next several months doing free readings for them.

Within a year, I was making a second income doing readings, enough to close my other business and become a full-time professional intuitive.

And then clients started asking me how they could become a professional intuitive.

After two years of doing readings professionally, about half of the people who were signing up for readings were other emerging intuitives. They weren't asking about when they were going to meet their soul mates, or what their life purposes were... They were peers — like you — people with similar abilities and a calling to do this kind of work.

I just happened to be farther down the path.


This is the way I approach mentoring other intuitives to this day — you're every bit as "psychic" as I am, maybe even more so. I'm just giving you the fast-track to turning it into your life's work, your full-time career if you want it.

I couldn't teach intuitive development in one phone session, and booking multiple readings to talk about this process would be too expensive.

I needed to create a special program, with a series of one-on-one conversations, to share with you what I've learned.

So, as I developed this program, I went to professional level courses and workshops. (A few "corporate spy" reconnaissance missions.) Seriously, I wanted to see how other people were teaching this. I learned a lot about what I wanted to do differently.

A lot of psychic training and professional healing certifications seem to revolve around you learning the teacher's trademarked technique, then going out into the world as a representative of her brand. (Like a rep for Avon, Amway, or May Kay...)

Something felt off about this to me.

The cool thing about my clients and peers is the diversity in our group — we're proud misfits. We're cool loners. We overlap in a lot of places, but we're all different and unique and we've all learned to value that in ourselves.

Plus, I noticed that teachers only teach you what they know how to do if your abilities are different, you're left out at the gate.

There I'd be, a professed clairaudient, in some workshop where everyone was closing their eyes and employing their nascent clairvoyance to visualize something on the interior screen of the mind... When I asked if there was an alternate way to retrieve the information, they couldn't tell me.

You guys all come with different skills. I needed a way to honor that, to support you in developing your intuitive abilities, even when they are different from my own.


The one thing that helped me the most when I was emerging as a professional intuitive was having an online friend who was also growing her intuitive practice. We'd get together on the phone or on Skype once or twice a month and talk shop.

We talked about the different challenging scenarios our clients presented us with. We compared experiences. We talked about what worked, what bombed... We bitched about a few of the crazy situations we found ourselves in. We talked about marketing, and money, and what not to do.

Being an intuitive can be isolating especially if you're still in the Psychic Closet. Even if you're doing this work as a professional, you are mostly talking to clients, not peers. You don't go to an office building everyday filled with hundreds of other intuitives you can go to lunch with... Who can you talk to about this stuff?

I wanted to accomplish two things with Automatic Intuition:

  • give you a community of your peers
  • customize the training to suit your unique abilities and goals

At the end of working with me, you are not a minion representing Slade Roberson, Automatic Intuition Practitioner™ you have your own practice, your own business, your own unique brand.

We accomplish this by getting together on the phone, for multiple sessions, and customizing this experience to meet your goals.


This is a professional friendship — how we vibe together is important — which is why I want to offer you a free conversation. I'd like to get together and talk about your intuitive development, whenever you're ready. It will give you, as well as me, a chance to see if this connection is indeed the one you've been looking for, been guided to.

Click the button below to contact me and let's talk!

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