What 3 Things Does Your Intuitive Business Need?

I need your input. Will you read this over and get back to me?

Automatic Intuition Professionals Group I recently participated in a class-style group as an extension of working with a business branding coach, as well as another "master mind" for writers -- one conducted on Facebook and the other on Google+.

I discovered a (duh!) huge love for the benefits of belonging to an exclusive peer group on social media. (And, I must say, one of the best applications of Facebook I've ever experienced.)

I've watched some great partnerships form between graduates of Automatic Intuition Professional Training & Mentoring -- I'd like to facilitate the peer support and raise the opportunity for these connections to a new level.

What do you think -- are you down? Facebook work best for you, or would you prefer another platform?

Advanced Intuitive Training -- Beyond Readings There are only so many clients you can read in any given day, week, month… The Advanced Intuitive Mentoring program (set to launch in the new year) will show you how you can laser-focus your brand and your message -- reach more, teach more, and make more -- all while creating passive income streams.

The impact of your work in all directions and dimensions -- exponential.

Other topics for future courses or seminars:

  • Branding -- Identifying the most unique components of your brand and mission
  • Pricing -- There are literal formulae for perfectly pricing your readings
  • Copywriting -- Crafting and drafting an effective sales page for your services
  • List Building -- Social media still cannot compete with the Email List

Heads Up

If Your Professional Intuitive Practice is new -- or even still just an idea, an inkling, a nudge -- please note:

What 3 Things Does Your Business Need Most?

I'm asking you.

If your Professional Intuitive Practice is already up and running, I want to make sure that the upcoming Advanced Intuitive Training program -- and futures topics through the Automatic Intuition brand -- address your real needs and concerns.

Reply to this email or write me through my contact form and tell me the top three challenges you're facing in your practice as you finish out this auspicious year.