3 Things You Need to Perform Psychic Readings

There are three things that are critical to your ability to perform intuitive readings — and none of them have anything to do with “how psychic you think you are.”

  1. COURAGE -- Combined with a touch of audacity, a total leap of faith, and a healthy amount of vulnerability. The normal, everyday courage required to simply open your mouth and communicate what you see, hear, and feel.
  2. FEEDBACK -- The only valuable information outside your own head, and clearly beyond your imagination, will come from other people; your clients. If you’re just spouting visions and impressions into an empty room, with no one there to respond, how would you ever know if you’re getting any psychic hits?
  3. PRACTICE -- The repetitious component of any skill; quantity is important. People who are “successful” at Anything, regardless of natural talent, do that Anything a lot, over and over again.

A lot of people approach intuitive development like this:

"I'm going to go up into my room, communicate with my guides, develop my psychic abilities...I'm going to get really good at it (whatever that means in a vacuum). Then, I'm going to climb down out of my ivory tower, announce my psychic power to the world, and do it to everybody."

The best way to develop your intuition is pretty much the exact opposite of that.

Your natural intuitive gifts are already there -- you may be so used to them that you don't even recognize them for what they are.

The most effective process for learning what your psychic abilities are, what they feel like when you experience them, and what kind of impact they can have in the world, is to use them for other people.

  • Put yourself out there -- learn how to give readings.
  • Ask for constructive feedback.
  • Practice.

Image credit Beth Fishkind via Creative Commons on Flickr