5 Benefits of Learning to Do Readings for Others

Many people take professional-level intuitive development courses like Automatic Intuition even when they do not have intentions of becoming a professional psychic or healing arts practitioner. Why is learning to do readings for others so important to your own intuitive development?

Why would you want to do readings for others if it's never going to be a job?

Can't you just communicate with your own guides?

Can't you just develop your intuition on your own?

Obviously, for some of us this is either a calling, a sense of life purpose, a career, or all of the above.

But, if we take Life Purpose and Career off the table, what are the benefits -- to your own intuitive development -- of learning to do readings?

How does performing readings for others impact the development of your own personal psychic abilities?


Lightworkers are found in all walks of life; we represent a great wave in the spread of holistic, spiritual literacy that balances our capabilities in information technology.

To be of service to other people -- to learn how to express love and experience joy -- is one of the fundamental reasons you have incarnated on this planet. You're not just communicating with Spirit, with your angels, with your spirit guides for yourself -- you're doing so on behalf of the collective soul of mankind.

There's just something powerful about the Service component -- when you do for others, your intentions are met with exponentially greater energetic resources. Anxieties and petty concerns melt away.


Being overly self-involved is its own kind of blindness, on so many levels. Empathy, compassion, and nurturing other living things is at the foundation of psychological, spiritual, and even physical health and longevity.

The expression "can't see the forest for the trees" is about not having objective, outside perspective from which to view your challenges. You can't do that for yourself -- you always need someone else.

In order for everyone to have that access, in order to participate in that energy exchange, you must contribute as well as consume -- you must reciprocate.

Stepping outside yourself and holding up that mirror, being that sounding board, looking at someone's situation from a different angle with a fresh set of eyes is something that absolutely everyone requires from one another.

Emotional Detachment

Emotions can distort everything.

It's almost impossible to discern intuitive wisdom -- or at least trust it 100% -- when your emotions are involved.

Are you just hearing what you want to hear? Is it really wisdom you're accessing or just wishful thinking?

As with perspective, it takes a compassionate partner to establish a true sense of clarity.

It's easier to trust the input of someone who has no emotional investment -- often a stranger provides the ultimate freedom of perspective and emotional detachment.

Intuition vs. Imagination

How do you know for sure if it's your intuition or just your imagination?

You don't.

You can hang around in the vacuum of your own mind receiving intuitive impressions all day long... and never know if what you're getting is "real" or meaningful.

The best metric for evaluating your intuitive abilities and the truth of the psychic impressions you receive is another person's feedback.

The perfect approach to this "Intuition vs Imagination Quandary" is to perform readings for other people -- preferably strangers. The best way to identify a "psychic hit" is when you pick up information about someone you've never met before, communicate those impressions, and hear feedback about the accuracy of your intuition.

That's the most powerful source of encouragement and confidence in your abilities that you will ever get.

Points of Comparison

Just knowing what intuitive information looks, feels, and sounds like when I retrieve it for other people makes it that much easier for me to evaluate or to discern the messages I receive for myself.

The more readings I do for others, the more my personal intuitive vocabulary grows.

Signs, symbols, and patterns that show up with great frequency become a kind of private language -- the quantity, the data, the points of comparison are acquired by reading for other people.

Over the years, one of the greatest benefits I have discovered to doing readings for other people -- one I had not anticipated -- is that I can retro-engineer my own wisdom and advice.

I now find myself constantly comparing my own questions and challenges to those that I've observed with my clients and asking "What would Spirit advise a client to do in this situation?"

This has been fundamental to my learning to Walk My Own Talk.

What would you add? Setting aside the obvious rewards of doing readings as a job or an expression of life purpose, what surprising personal benefits have you discovered doing readings for others?

Please leave a comment and share your experience.

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