Activate Your Intuition

Stop "thinking about" your intuition and start feeling it. To activate the intuitive mind or expand your psychic awareness, adjust your habitual intellectual thought processes. That sounds grand (and vague) -- but this adjustment starts with a basic policing of the words that you use.

What's wrong with what you think?

One of the most subtle and insidious forms of negative self-communication is the phrase "I think..." We are fortunate in this day and age, because of the technology we use, to be able to objectively examine our word choices. Even those people who don't identify as "writers" commonly express themselves in writing hundreds of times a day -- emails, text messages, Facebook status updates, blog comments...

Take an inventory of the words you've been using. Literally take a look at past messages you've already written and sent. Notice all the times you start sentences and answer questions with "I think." These are indicators of what you are affirming. We're thinkers, and we describe our senses of self and our experiences as mental -- information-based, data-based, logical, intellectual...

Thinking is only one kind of experience; we are all guilty of elevating it in significance to the point that we automatically say "I think" even when we're actually talking about our feelings.

The Intuitive Mind is not the Thinking Mind -- they can work together very well -- but saying or writing "I think" is like a power button that turns on the Thinking Mind. It says "Thinking Mind, you are now in the driver's seat."

How often does this accompany a denial of the Intuitive Mind?

The Intuitive Mind is not getting enough air time -- it's like a program installed on our computers that we don't open up or run or use with nearly the frequency that we do the Thinking Mind.

So, how do you start to activate the Intuitive Mind? Begin using the phrase "I feel" wherever possible. You'd be surprised how many times you can substitute "I feel" for "I think" and it works.

The phrase "I know" is also a trigger for the Thinking Mind, one that is often used with great inaccuracy. The beauty of "I feel" is that it's always true! It's always valid.

Set a goal -- try this for a day, a week, a month Substitute "I feel" into your verbal expression and observe how many opportunities you've been missing to use this powerful alternate. I suggest that you start with writing because there is some degree of lag time when you're writing -- you think about what you're going to write just a little bit longer -- you even have the chance to edit yourself a bit before you hit Send.

Once you train yourself to consciously recognize this pattern of speech and personal expression, you will automatically become more sensitive to how you use it in your own head.

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