How to Read Auras

The How to Read Auras audio class is now available for download! Featuring an Alternative Method for scanning energy and reading auras that absolutely anyone can learn — even if you don’t think you’re all that “clairvoyant.”

I don’t see auras in a “classic” way at all.

For years, I told myself “I must not be very clairvoyant” because I didn’t see energy or auras around people in the way I always saw them depicted or heard them described. But, then, I studied with a clairvoyant teacher who immediately showed me -- with this one simple shift in perspective -- an unrecognized ability to read auras and interpret the meanings of Messages in the form of spiritual colors.

Release what you “think” you “should” see when scanning a person's energy. Auras don’t necessarily conform to the shape of a body or look anything like the imagery you usually see associated with auras in New Age illustrations.

If you can picture a scene in your Mind’s Eye when you’re reading a story or a novel, then you can absolutely use the Alternative Method to scan, read, and interpret a client’s aura.

Super Affordable Professional Level Psychic Training

  • Want to learn how to perform professional level intuitive readings, but feel like the $$$ investment in training and certification programs is way out of your reach?
  • Do you suspect you have some natural psychic abilities that might blossom quickly with a little bit of direction?
  • Would you like the opportunity to "dabble" a bit and see what happens before you commit a lot of money, time, and energy?
  • Do you already practice another healing arts modality but want to expand your tool box with a few specific psychic skills?

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