The Path to Becoming a Better Intuitive

The only way to predict your future path is to create as much of it as you can. There are no guarantees of how "good" you might be one day at what you do.

As with any skill set, quantity and practice play an enormous role in becoming a better intuitive:

  • The more readings you do, the more confident you become.
  • The more client feedback you receive, the more you know how accurate your readings are.

You can cobble together the skills from various sources and grope your way down an unlighted path. You can also learn from others who are doing what you want to do and propel yourself further along that path -- faster, with greater success, sooner.

Everyone learns from others, and everyone practices what they learn to become better and better.

Every intuitive starts somewhere, at some point, and develops, grows, improves.

The fortunate ones meet peers, teachers, and mentors along the way who are willing to share their experiences and their techniques -- to demystify the process and show you that you are like them more than you are different.

  • How do you plan to learn?
  • Who do you feel you can learn from?
  • When will you begin?

There are no wrong answers to those questions -- only options along your path to becoming a better intuitive.

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