Cutting Cords to Clients after Psychic Readings

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking a lot about a reading after you've completed it?

Even if you're thinking a little too much about the positive results of a session or musing over a client's grateful feedback, this often indicates that:

  • you have not properly logged out of the Akashic Records.
  • you have not completely released from the connection to the client.
  • you have not cleared the cords that formed between you and your client.

Obviously, for a few minutes immediately following the reading, you are going to think about it. (Of course.) And you may think about your client once in a while for a long time into the future, depending on how frequently you are in contact with her.

An appropriate amount of thought and some level of emotion are not "issues."

But, if -- after attempting to log out of a reading -- you notice that you continue to have recurring thoughts about the client multiple times in a day, there may still be energy that needs to be cleared.

Cords to Your Clients

Whenever you perform a psychic reading, a cord is formed.

Even if you're conscientiously logging out of the Akashic Records after completing a reading session, make sure that you're also clearing the cords that formed while you were connected to that person's energy.

The circumstances don't have to be "negative" -- even a reading that went really, really well can leave cords that drain your energy. It's like accidentally leaving the refrigerator door ajar.

Post-Reading Energy Clearing Rituals

When I end a client reading or complete a mentoring session, I ask my angels to cut these cords.

(I don't ask my spirit guides to do it -- spirit guides give me information, while entities that exist at a higher vibration, such as archangels, are more effective with influencing energy.)

I combine the intention, visualization, and verbal request with a physical action -- I use my hands to "wipe away" the cords from my body, as if I'm clearing away spider webs that I just walked through.

The physical action might resemble scraping beads of water off my face and body. I know an energy healer who shakes out his hands as if they have some sticky or dusty substance all over them. I have another intuitive colleague who makes a motion with her hands that looks as if she is removing a scarf from around her neck and tossing it aside.

Do you perform a clearing ritual of your own, in addition to logging off?

Since I do so many readings and sessions on my iPhone, I've also "programmed" additional clearing into the removal of my earbuds. I've established a protocol with my angels and guides that says "When I remove these earbuds from my ears after a call is done, the literal cords of the earphones falling away from my head represent the energetic cords between myself and the client detaching."

That has worked really well for me -- it ensures an additional strict discipline of cord-cutting on “autopilot,” even if I forget, am distracted or interrupted.

Often the cords with clients feel really good and we subconsciously want to hang onto them. If I find myself still re-playing the conversation an hour later (or whenever), then that's a red flag that I haven't properly cleared from the reading.

I know it sounds obvious, but I think we're all a little guilty of becoming relaxed or sloppy about clearing the energy after a psychic reading. It reminds me of how much I want to skip a cool down after a work out, yet it's as important as the warm up and the performance itself.

Take a look at your log off and clearing rituals -- especially if you're feeling distracted or drained -- and ask yourself honestly if you might be slacking off.