It's Not About You

Before I engage in a professional reading or session, right up through those moments when the phone is ringing, when I'm about to start a call with a client, I always use one simple prayer or mantra:

“Make me a vessel.”

Remember, this isn’t about you -- it’s about your client. You are performing a reading for her, not you.

When you feel nervous, experience a little performance anxiety, or your ego interferes with doubts about your abilities, just focus on how you are serving the other person.

If you keep your priorities simple and selfless, it can be very liberating. You don't have to make anything happen, so much as you have to be willing to allow it to come through you.

Provide the circuitry -- the connection -- and you don't have to provide Power. (You can't anyway.) Power takes care of itself.

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What's Your Mantra? Do you have a special mantra, prayer, or visualization you engage before you work with a client?