Let's Do This!

Establishing Intentions

Okay, so I've got 57 article drafts here waiting for a home on this blog -- how quickly do you want them?

Seriously, I am likely to publish with greater frequency in the first weeks and months. I don't have a strict "editorial schedule" in place yet (as I do with the Sunday School practice of Shift Your Spirits), and I typically launch a blog with about 10 - 20 articles already posted... But, hey, this is a whole new phase for me, so I've put the cookie cutters away and am following the the natural vibe and flow of it.

More than my other projects to date, this Professional Intuitive Training program is even more community-driven, so there's a lot of this "conversation" yet to be determined -- by you.

An Abundance of Material on Intuitive Development

I've been "officially" writing material for this program and this web site -- having this "conversation" -- for about a year now. The Personal Workshops and Classes in Automatic Intuitive Response™ -- Talking to Your Spirit Guides and Automatic Writing Lessons actually go back a couple of years, and represent a "taste" of the foundation from which I practice and teach intuitive development -- especially clairaudient techniques.

If you'd like to know the "background trajectory" of this little mission of mine, going back to the beginnings of Shift Your Spirits, technically it was never about my simply becoming and marketing a practice as a professional intuitive consultant -- my guides actually set me the task of teaching other people to communicate with guides.

Needless to say, in terms of the content I've produced behind-the-screens -- much of which never quite "belonged" on Shift Your Spirits -- there are a lot of "out takes."

Homes for All This Content

For both my publisher's specifications, and to keep this material manageable, I generally divided up the content like so:

  • The textbook is the core material you will refer to again and again.
  • The audio lectures are for the "theoretical" material you may only need to absorb once (and I anticipate a flexible, growing library of podcasts and support calls -- students will have access to future updates)
  • This blog is for the content that is universal, stands alone (outside the context of the training program; will appeal potentially to both students and readers outside the course), and for the on-going topics that have yet to reveal themselves but will certainly require a home in the future, with room to grow.

Why are you here?

  • You're already a healing arts or spiritual practitioner -- a colleague -- eager to engage and connect with others who do what we do. You're here to Talk Shop -- which I love, love, love to do! Many of my most rewarding client consultations are teaching the teachers -- either exchanging and transferring skills and best practices, learning from one another... even sharing practical, rubber-meets-the road business and marketing and customer service knowledge.
  • You're already a practicing intuitive or healer, confident in your path and purpose, and looking to expand your superhero utility belt.
  • You're already a practicing intuitive (perhaps even self-taught or self-discovered) -- you love the work, but it's still something you "do on the side"; you have yet to fully step into this as a sustainable career.
  • You already know this is your Calling, but you're not sure where to start. Or maybe you're on the fence, and it's only a matter of time before you take the leap of faith to step into your power... In which case, honey, I'm gunning for you -- I truly dig working with those who have everything they "need" to do this work and just need a loving shove off the diving board to show them they can swim.

Maybe you're never going to "go pro" but your spirit recognizes that one of the most effective ways to develop your intuition is to learn to use it in the context of service to others.

You are all welcome here. Between you and me, there is just so much I can share about spirit guidance that I must teach in the context of professional purpose. Sometimes, it's a little exhausting trying to "package it for the masses" -- as would be required by the SYS readership -- my guides insist that I won't reach everyone, but I can reach a significant number of lightworkers who can go out and communicate with spirit guides for others... and create a meaningful income for themselves! That pleases me to no end -- not just "making a buck" for myself doing something I love, but sharing an entire spiritually-centered career with you.

(Hang on, now, if the financial abundance part is chafing your past-life poverty vows or arguing with your misguided starving artist archetype -- we're definitely going to be talking through all that madness.)

Who has already enrolled?

I am thrilled with the First Ten who signed up for the soft-launch of this course on 11/11. There's a wonderful mix of people from all over the world -- the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore are all represented. I could not be happier feeling the high vibrations of the souls who have stepped up to work with me, the diverse skills and personalities they bring to this program... I am honored and truly a little emotionally overwhelmed (in the best way).

Affirmed, I guess I'm trying to say. Blessed.

The publishers have given me the Go signal -- they are ready to start packaging and shipping the course for me. Which means, I am opening up the enrollment for another ten students, at a discount.

Want to become a member of the First Twenty? I know it's going to be a super special group. I can already feel you out there, like elementals, earth angels, little spaceships whistling through the atmosphere, coming in to land for some schooling and refueling.

Professional Intuitive Training Course -- Details

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