Stretch to a Higher Level

Should it not be a stretch?

A milestone as major as developing your intuition, coming out of the psychic closet, starting your own business as a professional intuitive...

Of course it seems like a "stretch." Don't you want this to be huge, to be life changing?

The Universe is offering you an opportunity to stretch for something really worthwhile:

  • to stretch your identity
  • to stretch your abilities
  • to stretch your purpose

When you are ready to act upon a Calling, you make a declaration to the Universe of your intention to operate at a higher level.

Investment is both a literal and symbolic commitment, a way of manifesting a spiritual calling into physical reality. When you do that, resources appear to support you, on every level.

Hundreds of Times Over

I remember the first time I invested in a professional intuitive mentoring course. It was 1500 dollars. Early in the development of my practice, that was about the same amount as what I earned for a whole month of giving readings.

My intuition, my guides, my gut, all felt clear -- I was on the verge of making a shift from part-time enthusiast, from dabbler, to full-time spiritual entrepreneur. I was going to do it, even though it was financially challenging.

I put the tuition on a credit card and paid like 125 a month for the next year. (Not my first choice...)

But you know what?

Because of that training, I was able to make HUNDREDS of times the cost of that course in income.

And I continue to do so, year after year.

When I look back now, I cannot imagine my life where I would not have found a way to answer that Call and do the course that I did.

It allowed me to change my life.

Funding may be a stretch. I get it.

So, you're being offered an opportunity to stretch.

It's one of the ways you can ground your spiritual commitment in third dimensional reality.