The Difference Between Personal & Professional Intuitive Development

An intuitive named Andrew sent me the following email:

Here's my problem -- I've been doing readings for a few months now. Sometimes, I do readings that are very accurate; but then I also do readings that aren't very accurate at all. I just keep practicing because I want to do better, but I feel like sometimes I'm just not getting consistent information.

I've read tons of books. I studied lots of different techniques. I've taken a bunch of workshops and courses.

I purchased your Personal Level Intuitive courses a few weeks ago -- Talking to Your Spirit Guides and Automatic Writing Lessons.

Honestly, I have to say your techniques are truly effective. The crystal I charged during the initial meditation in Talking to Your Spirit Guides really does help me make a better connection to spirit more deeply than I used be able to. So, that makes me wonder...

Could I just need energy healing of some kind? Would that open up things up for me?

-- Andrew

You don't just need some kind of energy healing -- you may specifically need professional level attunement.

Of course, any energetic clearing or healing probably won't "hurt" -- but it can be a bit like one session on a treadmill, one yoga class, or one chiropractic adjustment... You would benefit from an on-going daily approach that is cumulative and has -- above all -- the right foundation.

There is a difference between personal and professional intuitive development.

Professional level intuitive development:

  • begins with a different intention
  • introduces you to specialized spirit guides
  • strengthens your access to the Akashic Records

Many of the courses you have probably taken in the past are intended to develop your intuition for "personal use." While you may be able to cobble together the skill set and develop a practice through trial and error, Professional Level Intuitive Development has an entirely different level of intention behind it.

The meditation and the object you charge in Talking to Your Spirit Guides is specifically programmed to help you connect to your personal guide team.

The Attunement in Automatic Intuition Professional calls in your Akashic Records Guides and ensures your ability to retrieve accurate information in service to other people, in alignment with your Highest Path and Purpose.

Professional training and mentoring can mean the difference between about 3 months of practice versus about 3 years to get to where you're hoping to go.

That doesn't mean you can't become a professional intuitive working on your own -- but, most everyone I know who has a truly successful intuitive practice, built on retrieving consistent information and impacting their clients' lives in a positive way, has received coaching from at least one mentor. (Myself included!)

There are many professional intuitives who will let you in behind the scenes. We all learn from one another. Providing a strong Attunement to the Akashic Records is one of the most powerful foundations we can provide those we teach.

How do you choose the right intuitive mentor?

It's pretty simple -- look for someone you admire, whose practice has been thriving for several years, someone with whom you can identify, whose writing, speaking, philosophy or teaching speaks to you.

You'll just know -- You will see yourself in your teacher. You will experience a nudge from your spirit guides to act. Something will just... click. Trust those feelings -- they are the most accurate divination you have.

Automatic Intuition Professional Training.

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