Developing Skills as a Medium

Many of the students of Automatic Intuition Professional discover, during the course, that they have mediumship ability -- the ability to connect with the spirit of a client's deceased loved one.

As part of the application, new students are asked about their intentions and the results they hope to achieve. And although a significant number of students actually complete the course acknowledging their mediumship ability, almost none of them came into the program with that expectation.

For some reason, mediumship seems to be the one thing very few of us has a conscious intention to try.

Students who feel the call to become professional intuitives have certainly had some psychic experiences -- clairvoyance, precognition, prophetic dreams, empathy… And they humbly seek to enhance those abilities, to take them to the next level.

Maybe we believe that if we were mediums, surely we'd already know it, right? It seems like the Jewel in the Crown of psychic abilities, heavy with responsibility, so we ask to start small, maybe just try on a magic ring or a small tiara first and see what happens...

I can't promise it will happen for everyone, but I have witnessed a few students start the program, say, only confident doing Tarot card readings, and by they time they complete the course, they're offering mediumship at a professional level to every client.

For others, it's a little bit of mediumship, a deceased relative expectantly coming through, here and there. (Mediumship is not something that occurs for me with consistency; I'm more of an angel sensitive myself, and my clients tend to ask me to use other skills more often. I don't worry about it too much; I've learned to just go with it when a deceased relative does comes through in a reading.)

Mediumship seems to find us, more than we go in search of it. And mediumship can creep up and surprise the medium, seemingly out of nowhere.Ta-dah!

Questions about Mediumship from a Student

Susan is one of the intuitives I mentor through Automatic Intuition Professional; she writes:

Slade, I did a reading for a lady today who wanted information about her brother who had passed away a few years ago. The only information she provided me with was her own name and date of birth, and her brother's first name, date of birth and the date he passed.

I was honestly a little intimidated to attempt the reading. But, when I connected to her energy I picked up how her brother had died and also some messages he had for her.

When I sent this information to her, she replied that I was accurate in how he had died and was so grateful for the messages from him!

This was great news for me to think that I may be able to communicate with those that have passed on, but my question is: am I really talking to them or am I being given the information through my client's spirit guides? How do I know the difference? Or does it even make a difference?

I quite often have conversations with my grandad who passed on when I was very young, and I feel him often around me. I have also chatted with my grandma. Sometimes directly to her, and sometimes with my Primary Guide acting as the 'go between.'

So, if I really am able to communicate with deceased loved ones, how would I go about developing this? Susan

  • Does mediumship information come from the departed?
  • Does it come from the intuitive's spirit guides?
  • Does the information come from your client (telepathically)?
  • Or does it come from your client's spirit guides?

I don't think it actually matters that much. Certainly not if trying to figure that out interrupts the information; or if the information comes through and is confirmed by the client, without your necessarily knowing who exactly is giving it to you.

I suggest always starting with a request for your guides to assist you. They may "introduce" you to your client's guides, or simply translate for them. Your guides may pre-screen and vet spirits before allowing them to speak to you directly. (I actually request that my guides do this as part of my tight security and on-going psychic protection.)

If you would like to continue having this type of experience with mediumship, the first step would be to ask your guides for more of them.

Keep in mind that mediumship could have more to do with the client than with the psychic. Some people do not have recently departed, active-in-visitation, or earthbound ancestor spirits around them; others' lives have been greatly impacted by the death of a loved one.

If you request more mediumship experiences, and it's meant to be an important part of your path, you will naturally begin to attract those clients.

Make it a part of your normal reading process that when you investigate "Who is around this client?" that you include the intention of not only picking up on angels and spirit guides, but also a full range of entities, such as loved ones who have crossed over.

Dig deeper where you detect something already. If you don't get anything when requesting to experience a message from the departed, assume that there simply may not be a message at this time. And move on.

If you do detect something when you ask, take it further by asking that soul to come forward and speak to you more, or to reveal more details about itself.

Simply describe to your client who it is you're picking up on or any details you have: names, physical appearance, relative age, what they're wearing, etc. The client may be the one who identifies the entity -- "That's my grandmother." Until they confirm the relationship, you may not know for sure who the spirit is. It could always be a guide of some type coming through.

As you have more and more mediumship experiences, you will start to note patterns in the way different types of entities present. Revisit this topic in the Automatic Intuition Professional workbook.

For instance, there is a general pattern that many mediums swear by in determining which side of the family a spirit is from based on the dominant hand and the side of the client's body they appear on.

For me personally, different types of entities appear at different levels, like floors in a building.

Another "general rule" about identifying types of spirit entities: Angels will present with full head-to-toe visuals; ghosts and human spirits who have crossed over will often show only a face, head and shoulders, bust, or a body that doesn't fully manifest to the floor.

Notice if you can see their feet, or if they only present a partial image of themselves.

And never forget: Note the patterns that are unique to you. While it may be different from "other psychics," there still may be some clues that let you know from experience "Oh yeah, when it looks or feels like that, it usually means this…"

The pattern of your experience is more important than anyone else's, including mine. This is one of the tenants of Automatic Intuition Professional.

Image credit Scott Robinson via Creative Commons on Flickr