Psychic Pep Talk

Are you about to perform a psychic reading for the first time? Maybe you're about to try a type of psychic skill you're just starting to develop, like acting as a medium? Maybe you're about to give a reading in a way you never have before -- live; in person; on the phone; to an audience full of people; during a call-in radio show…

Remember: It's your clients who show you the direction you are meant to take in your intuitive development. Your guides respond to your prayers for growth and lead you toward your intentions by presenting you with new opportunities in the form of the clients to whom you give psychic readings.

You wouldn't be growing if you weren't stretching outside of your comfort zone.

Fear and excitement can feel very similar in the body. Ask yourself this: after you have done it, and all is well, how will you feel? Fantastic? Then do it! That's excitement.

Doreen Virtue has a nice little rhyming mantra for moments like these:

"When you get nervous, focus on service."

Before each of my readings and student sessions, I say:

"Make me a vessel."

It's not about you, it's about the client.

When your highest intention is to deliver the insights and information that your client most needs to hear at this time, your ego has little room to operate. You will be supported in helping other people if that is truly your goal.

You don't have to "impress" anyone. It takes less than you think for someone to be impressed with your abilities… And you do have psychic abilities. You wouldn't be called to do this kind of work if you didn't have the latent talent to begin, and the courage to develop.

Just say what you see, what you hear, what you feel. Any small clue will lead to the next little bit of information. Follow these clues like a breadcrumb trail.

Don't worry about what you're not getting. Focus on what you do get and simply share it.

Wherever the metal detector beeps, that's where you dig. If it's not beeping yet, keep moving it around until it does.

Don't edit yourself -- often it's the information you judge to be insignificant, silly, irrelevant (or that somehow makes you a little uncomfortable sharing) that provides important details from the client's perspective.

You don't have to understand everything -- the messages are for the client, and the client understands even when you don't.

You will never "know for sure" until the client offers her feedback. Give her the reading, so she can tell you where your psychic hits landed.

You know what happens when you try something you've never done before but always thought about or wanted to? You feel exhilarated and you think "Why didn't I do this sooner? I want to do it again!"

Image credit Martin Borjesson via Creative Commons on Flickr