You're Already Psychic If...

The basic, common understanding of the word "psychic" usually describes the entirely natural, fundamental, inherent instincts that we all experience. Intuitive or psychic information automatically manifests in everyday life. You may not even consider psychic experiences to be all that "unusual." Here are some examples of common, everyday manifestations of psychic ability. As you read through this list, keep count of all the examples that have happened to you.

How many of the following do you recognize?

  • You have an object, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing that seems to attract "luck" or protection whenever you have it with you.
  • You describe yourself as or believe yourself to be "a good judge of character."
  • You have an immediate sense of comfort when meeting certain people for the first time -- some people just seem to "glow" or radiate good vibes -- and you have learned over the years that you can trust this.
  • You see lights around people's heads.
  • You see floating orbs or blobs of light and color.
  • You perceive shadows or smudges in the air.
  • You've seen, heard, or felt what you can only call ghosts or spirits.
  • You have a profound sense of dislike or distrust of someone (for no "good" reason) that later proves to be justified.
  • You have some sense of people's "stories" or you find that you know details about their lives before you get to know them.
  • You seem to have a sign floating above your head that invites strangers to tell you their personal histories or to discuss their intimate problems.
  • When you meet animals (pets) for the first time, they always respond to you positively, relative to other people; their owners remark "She must really like you; she's usually not this friendly with strangers."
  • Your own pets always know when you're about to arrive, even when it's off-schedule.
  • Babies either smile at you immediately or cannot seem to stop staring at you.
  • You know a friend's mood the moment you see her or hear her voice.
  • You notice the atmosphere of a room change when someone new enters it.
  • When visiting a building of historical significance you can "see" people and events taking place there, almost like flashes of scenes from a film.
  • You feel "hot" or "cold" spots inside houses that are independent of drafts or vents.
  • When you travel, you sometimes feel a sense of familiarity with a place you've never been before -- you may feel an overwhelming emotion, a sense of deja vu, or seem to instinctively feel your way around without a map.
  • You are repeatedly drawn to a certain historical place, time period, or culture.
  • Your family and friends "joke" about how you're psychic.
  • You can correctly predict the sex of unborn children.
  • No joking aside, your family and friends always want you to weigh in on their important decisions and personal issues.
  • Other people in your family are rumored to have been psychic.
  • You attract other people who share the experiences we call intuition or psychic abilities.
  • You know who's calling the moment you hear the phone ring.
  • You see sequences of the same numbers over and over again, often enough that you wonder what they must mean.
  • You suddenly find yourself thinking about someone who hasn't crossed your mind in years, and soon after you receive a call or email from him or literally run into him on the street.
  • You've had to change hotel reservations or you've moved to a new home because you felt uncomfortable in a certain space.
  • You often call your friends and family and the voice mail or call waiting shows that you are trying to call each other at the exact same moment.
  • Your dreams often come true.
  • You dream that you are people other than yourself.
  • You dream that you are speaking a foreign language (one you don't know in your waking life).
  • You hear your children calling out for you, even when they are too physically far away for you to hear them.
  • You often hear someone calling your name, even when there is no one there.
  • You hear music playing in the distance that you can't seem to locate.
  • You hear the muffled rumble of people carrying on conversations through the walls.
  • You often have to turn off the shower because you think you hear someone calling, the phone ringing, or music playing.
  • You notice cars following you while driving that suddenly seem to have vanished.
  • You "lose time" while walking or driving and find yourself further along your route that you think you should be.
  • You change your regular route, on a sudden impulse, and later discover that you avoided a traffic jam, accident, train crossing, etc.
  • You become physically ill before an event or cancel plans at the last minute, finding out later that it was a "disaster."
  • You stop at a store on a whim and discover something you've been looking for, as if you were led to it.
  • You feel the need to call, text, or email and "check on" someone who is on your mind. You find out that something has indeed happened or that something significant is going on with her.
  • When you were a child, you had imaginary friends with elaborate back-stories and very specific, detailed information about who they are.
  • You sometimes suddenly smell a perfume (or a scent such as tobacco) that is familiar to you or that you associate with someone you used to know.
  • You often feel watched, or you could swear that someone is about to enter the room, even when you know yourself to be physically alone.

How many more of these types of examples could you add to this list?

How many are true for you? If you found that ten (10) or more of these statements resonates with you as true or familiar, you already have a high degree of natural, inherent psychic ability. Even if you only identify with about five (5) of these examples, you probably have powerful intuition that simply lies latent, dormant, or undeveloped.

You can build upon these abilities. With intention and a practical approach, especially in the context of serving other people, you can develop your psychic abilities. If you're not ready to become a professional intuitive, but want to learn how to practice your intuition for your own personal use, check out the Automatic Intuitive Response™ Personal Courses in Dialoguing with Spirit Guides and Automatic Writing.

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