5 Reasons You Should Not Discount Your Intuitive Readings

It's effective at certain times of year to put up special offers. The Holidays -- New Year's especially -- are very important to the personal development market and spirituality- based businesses. You'll certainly find some sparkly signs stuck in the virtual shop windows at Shift Your Spirits... for information products -- courses, tutorials, meditations.

Items that have already been created and can be downloaded or shipped, not my most exclusive, one-on-one service -- personal intuitive readings.

Before you run a discount on your own readings, please consider some reasons why it may not be as much of a benefit as you think...

1. Negative Comparison

The perceived value of your readings becomes diminished when you advertise sales on your services with the same language and energy that you might use to promote products. It's human nature for a client to compare the "bargain basement" sale price of your services to that of another intuitive and believe that yours must not be worth as much.

2. Perceived Level of Professionalism

When you lower your rates too much, you may simply appear desperate for clients. People may assume your schedule is unfilled because you're not professional, you're still learning, or your word-of-mouth reputation is not strong.

3. Delayed or Deferred Client Action

Instead of purchasing when the impulse strikes, your clients will wait in hopes of a future sale. Potential clients who have followed your blog or subscribed to your mailing list for a long period of time will have seen you "run specials" before. If they know that you typically offer a deep discount on your readings during the Holidays, they will hesitate and decide to come back later. By the time "later" occurs, their interest may have passed.

4. Energetic Investment of Client

The quality of clients can be negatively affected by a sale price -- you are more likely to attract undesirable encounters with people who want to "test" your abilities or people who are psychic addicts if you price your readings too low. It is generally true that clients who are more invested and committed are easier and more enjoyable to work with.

*Please note the exceptions: When you're just starting out and trying to build a practice, of course you want to give people a chance to sample your abilities and spread the word.

And later on, when you're established, you can always give a free reading to someone in need. No one's stopping you from responding to a plea that touches you or making an exception for a special circumstance. But it's your call. You can give away your services whenever you feel truly guided to do so, not because you are beholden to a discount.

5. Workload & Burnout

When you run specials within specific time frames, your work load becomes bunched up -- several months' worth of readings, all scheduled around the relatively narrow time span of a promotion. No matter how good your intentions may be, trying to complete a marathon of readings can negatively impact the quality of your readings. You simply burn out.

Sure, it works, but...

I see professional intuitives of all levels of experience and renown offering their services in this way. Why? Because it does work. You will see spikes in interest, your schedule will fill up temporarily. But the damage to your overall brand can have a more long-term impact.

What's a better strategy? Passive income streams.

Selling your time has a limit -- there are only so many readings you can give in a day, a week, a month. Selling information products is nearly limitless. Write books and tutorials. Create classes or lectures that can be downloaded. You do the work once, and sell it indefinitely.

And if you want to manipulate the price points on products, it has little to no impact on your workload or the perceived value of what should be the most exclusive thing you offer -- personalized, one-on-one readings.