How Do You Deliver a Psychic Message to Someone Who May Not Be Open to It?

You never want to be one of those intuitives who walks up to people and “reads” them without their permission — like the poor Hogwarts' Divinations Professor Sybill Trelawney in the Harry Potter series, grabbing people by the shoulders or stopping them by their coat tails as they try to pass you on the sidewalk and stuttering, wild-eyed, about your "visions of impending doom."

But, what do you do when you genuinely feel a sense of urgency or duty about delivering a psychic message...?

  • someone who has not asked you for a reading?
  • someone who may not be open to this kind of conversation?
  • ...or to someone you literally do not even know?

You can find “normal,” discreet, non-confrontational, and carefully communicated ways to reach out with the messages you get. You can find ways to do it so it doesn’t get drowned out by people thinking you’re invasive, rude, or demented.

If It's for Someone You Already Know... I’ve found that a really effective way to introduce an intuitive message to someone without her necessarily having to be “open” to psychic phenomena is to initiate the conversation with “I had a dream about you...”

It may or may not have really come to you in dream form, but, in my experience, the “average” person is more open to that conversation, even curious.

I've never known a single person to turn me down, or not want me to continue. Hardly anyone really wants to listen to tedious, detailed play-by-play of your unconscious nocturnal ramblings -- unless it's about her. Then, absolutely everyone wants to hear at least the gist of what you dreamed.

If It's for a Stranger... I find myself often nudged by Spirit to compliment people -- when I notice they're wearing cool shoes, a unique piece of jewelry, rocking a great hairstyle… even strangers. You never know when you may be guided to just simply acknowledge someone at a moment when she really needs it.

You can deliver an intuitive message or a packet of healing energy at a spiritual level that a third-party observer would not see or hear.

The recipient does not need to be consciously aware of the message or energy that you deliver in order for the transfer to occur. A simple interaction, wrapped in positive intentions, will get through.

On occasion, strangers will respond to your initial communication by opening to you more completely. (If you're an intuitive or a healer as part of your life purpose, then you already know what it's like to have total strangers walk right up to you and start "telling you their life stories" or sharing really personal information with you.)

Whether it's with strangers or with people you know very well, I believe that there are instances when information is being delivered where even the Messenger is not consciously aware of the energy exchange. It can happen sub-vocally, telepathically, spiritually, energetically -- spirit guides and angels may be handling all the details...

All you really need to do to act as a vessel for Spirit is to listen to those nudges you receive and act on them by simply reaching out to a person or establishing a connection -- positively, politely, subtly, and respectfully.

As long as you’re not motivated to “get attention” from other people for "being psychic" -- if your intentions are truly selfless and sincere -- trust that you will be guided to say the right thing.