How is Your Spirit Like a Web Browser?

I find computer, internet, and technology metaphors extremely helpful in wrapping my brain around metaphysical concepts. Not the esoteric, complex, mechanical explanations, but the simple way we relate to virtual environments in everyday life. You can log on to the Internet from your computer; I can log on from mine. We can view the exact same web page -- yet we accept and understand the fact that the page is not IN our computers (or inside any one machine, for that matter).

You can download one of my audio meditations or lectures and listen to me on your computer or your mp3 player or your stereo, but I am not IN your computer, or inside your iPod earbuds or stereo speakers.

These are just physical devices that allow you to connect to information. These devices can interface with virtual or non-physical forms of information. These machines can also translate the information forms from one type into another and back again; the information can exist in more than one location simultaneously; the information can travel across space, time, and dimensions.

It all seems amazing, wondrous, even magical when you contemplate our technology in this way -- yet even the most amazing man-made machines are crude compared to the nuanced complexity of the human body, mind, and spirit.

It may help you (as it does me) to think of your body and your spirit working together as hardware and software.

The senses of your body are like antennae — computer inputs; your consciousness (the synergy of your mind and your soul) operates like a web browser. Your "computer" can be technically connected to the Internet even if you're not viewing it. You have programs installed on your computer which may be running in the background without your paying attention to them or actively using them. You have programs that you've never even opened up or ran before -- the programming is nevertheless available to you. You also have multiple programs that can perform the same function, but you may prefer to use one instead of another, for any number of reasons.

Your body, as a machine, has a variety of antennae or inputs which receive different kinds of signals and can process a lot of different forms of information. There are the five basic physical senses that you've known about since you were a child; there are the four basic metaphysical senses -- clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

Different forms of information can be received and processed by different types of antennae or input centers.

Your spirit is a connection to a vast Universal Search Engine...log on! And remember: you don't have to be a computer programmer to surf like a pro.

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