You're up and running -- you're a professional intuitive.

  • You've invested in training workshops with excellent teachers.

  • You've put together a toolbox of skills and modalities.

  • You've acquired some credible certifications.

Or you're a natural talent who's winging it with a lot of grace and great results.

You're building your brand.

You've got a web site, a blog, a newsletter, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account... Pinterest, LinkedIn, your own YouTube channel...You're looking into BlogTalkRadio.

You've been performing professional readings for a while now.

  • The work is satisfying and purposeful.

  • The feedback from your clients is positive.

  • It feels like you're making a difference in other people's lives.

You're making some money.

You're seeing just enough income to know that there is potential for this to become a financially sustaining business.

You're almost there.

You're so close to being able to quit your day job and do what you love full-time.


Are you where you want to be in your practice?

What do you need to do to make it over that final hurdle, where momentum takes over, and this becomes more than a part-time work-from-home job and a dream...

  • Do you think maybe you need an agent?

  • Do your intuitive abilities need some further development?

  • Do you need more education?

...or is that all some complicated form of procrastination?

What do you need to turn your intuitive practice into a business?


What's the magical component that's missing from your marketing?

  • Are you using the right kind of language to sell your services?

  • Does your web site present your message in a way that resonates with people?

  • Have you found the right balance between content that is personal, relatable, and unique, while still being ambitious, desirable, and professional?

You don't have to be salesy, or cheesy, or aggressive -- the winning approach in the personal development field is authentic, honest, vulnerable...


Are you charging the right amount for your readings?

  • Are you attracting the right number of clients per month?

  • Is the ideal number of clients at your current rates sustainable, month after month?

  • Are you in danger of "burning out"?

  • Are you bobbing through cycles of feast-and-famine?


What passive income streams are you developing?

There's nothing "wrong" with only doing readings. But, when you're working with each client one-on-one, there is a realistic limit in terms of time and energy.

There are only so many readings you can offer in a given week or month.

Are you able to make a comfortable income from the services that you offer, while leaving room for developing content and working on other projects?

  • Do you have an actual plan for this?

  • Just some ideas you're excited and hopeful about?

  • Which ones should you pursue first?

Do your To Do lists actually make everything in your business more doable, or do they just overwhelm you?


Did you know your intuitive readings are a priceless research and development tool that can be used to create a collection of valuable information assets?

If you're relying only on readings to generate revenue, you have the potential to expand your income by as much as 80%.

My private, one-on-one client sessions generally account for 20% or less of my overall business revenue.

You don't want to "abandon" doing readings -- you want to use your readings in a new context.


You've already glimpsed the potential for passive income:

  • Books

  • eCourses

  • Workshops

  • Information Products

  • Smart Phone Apps

  • Podcasting

  • Video blogging

  • Talk Radio

  • Teleseminars

  • Webinars

  • Live Events


Which of these -- if any -- should you pursue? Which one should you focus on first? Do you have a plan to develop, produce, and implement all these items?


Next Level Professional Intuitive Business Development

WHAT IS THIS COURSE? Like Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training Program, this is a hybrid D.I.Y. course/mentoring series composed of:

  • A Private Assessment

  • An Individual Development Plan

  • One-on-One Personal Mentoring


  • An in-depth interview to assess your goals

  • 3 digital resource modules with fun, creative, practical exercises

  • 3 hours of private one-on-one mentoring to tailor the materials to your practice

As with Automatic Intuition Professional, this course is designed to create a customized experience and outcome for you -- it's meant to further develop your creative gifts, discover your unique brand, and build your business.






Like Automatic Intuition Professional, I work with you personally to develop your practice, so candidates are chosen individually based on a brief application process.

While applications to Beyond Readings from candidates who have worked with me previously on Automatic Intuition Professional are almost certain to be approved, you do not have to be a student or graduate of Automatic Intuition Professional to participate in this new professional intuitive business development course.

Unlike other certification programs that feature "Advanced" or "Level II" training -- Beyond Readings is open to any and all of my professional peers in the healing arts and personal development fields, regardless of where you may have received prior training.



Composing the content for your About page is almost as much of a joy as updating your resume. (That was sarcasm!)

Writing about yourself is hard -- you know too much. What do you include? What do you leave out? Do you write about yourself in third-person, use the Royal We, or is it okay to just write from the heart in first-person?

How about doing a set of writing exercises that feel like you're prepping for an interview on Oprah's Master Class? This is journaling that uncovers your authentic voice, and reveals more about you than most therapy sessions.

This is how you create web pages with the presence of an Internet celebrity who comes across like a really cool best friend.

And if you don't even have a web site yet...? Perfect!

Before you hire someone to build a site for you (or learn to put one together yourself) you need to know what exactly to put on it.

Your web designer is going to request that you tell her what to put on your About page, your Sales page, your Services page, your Landing page... If you decide to go off and build a web site first, and then come back and take this course, you're going to end up wanting to redesign it. (And that could be unnecessarily expensive if you're paying a professional web developer.)

These branding and web presence development exercises will walk you through composing the content for your site.

If your site has been up and running for awhile, and you've wanted to update it anyway, but you don't want to just guess at a different Sales page, or randomly rewrite your Bio… You want to know exactly what will improve the effectiveness of your site content, how and why.

These marketing concept exercises, combined with copy + paste content recipes, will turn what you thought was going to be a revisionist chore into a fun, creative, self-discovery process.



Write Your Site is a collection of branding concept exercises combined with a set of marketing copy templates. The goal is to produce a coherent, unique web presence, with a complete set of effective web site or blog pages.

  • 65 page PDF ebook

  • 14 journaling exercises

  • 9 marketing copy templates

The fourteen exercise sections are where you discover and isolate unique branding concepts. You will source and gather all the delicious ingredients. You will put all these ingredients together using the templates that come after the exercises.


  • About/ Bio page

  • Author Byline

  • Blog Tagline

  • Mission Statement

  • Social Media Profiles

  • Subscriber landing page

  • Long form product Sales page

  • Alternate product Sales page

  • Sales page for Professional Services (Readings)

Template means the type of textual content and the order of textual content in a document. Think of the word "template" as meaning "recipe." The word “template” does not refer to HTML, web design code, or the technical layout of blogs and web pages.

What should the pages on your website say, exactly?

  • The templates tell you exactly what your pages should say.

  • The exercises ensure that you say it in your authentic voice.



Private readings are an investment for your clients. And unfortunately, for many of the clients who most need your insights, booking a session with you is entirely out of their reach.

There are only so many readings you can perform in a month, and you need to bring in a certain amount of income just to continue offering your services. If you're burnt out, or broke, or both... it all goes away -- for you and for your followers.

If you raise your rates to keep your practice afloat, you only exclude more people. Fewer clients can afford to book a reading with you, and only the most affluent get their issues addressed.

That's not what motivated you to do this work in the first place.

A business that only offers private one-on-one services is exclusive. That exclusivity may work for some people's brands. But if you are truly motivated to help people, if your gifts are intended for those who need them most, then, ethically, you're headed in the wrong direction.

Even if you offered to do free readings for those who can't afford them -- where do you draw that line between those who can pay and those who can't?

And where are you finding all this extra time and energy?

The perfect answer is obviously to be able to do it all.

To help everyone you can, to meet them at whatever level of engagement works best for them, and to grow your business while doing it.

There is a very simple solution to reaching as many people as possible -- while earning more money and working less.

I won't tease you with some mysterious, enigmatic question like:

"What's the secret component that can turn your practice into a business?"

I'll tell you exactly what that "secret" is, right here, right now...

It's passive income.

And not just one book, or a teleseminar here and there -- a catalog of income streams that you work to create once and then sell indefinitely, every day, from your web site.

You need a minimum of five titles to see the kind of income and momentum you're truly looking for.

Not just five $10 downloads -- you need a range of price points. A spectrum of strategically placed offerings.

And you need to know what those income streams are going to be before you try to implement them.

It takes time to execute any one of them -- you need to know which product or service to put in place first, and then which one to develop next. Which one to produce immediately, which one to launch before the end of the year...

For all of this, you need a strategy and a plan.



Reach More, Teach More is a simple exercise used to plan and strategize an entire catalog of price points and passive income devised from information products.

It can be used to develop: Books, Ebooks, Special Reports, White Papers, Manifestos, Workshops, Classes, Workbooks, Podcasts, Lectures, Meditations, Speeches, Scripts, Artwork, Webinars, Teleseminars, Tutorials, any Text, any Audio, any Video...

  • 23 page PDF tutorial

  • Brainstorm product list

  • Practical index card exercise

  • Long term strategic plan

This catalog plan will act as a To Do list and a production schedule going forward, showing you exactly what to make next, and in what order.

It's a strategy for business development that will work with almost any brand, for any authentic message, in any industry.

For a solo entrepreneur, this will forever change how you think about the concepts of working and making money.



The secret to long term success and truly significant, sustainable, passive income is having multiple titles. (That's the plan you just created in Reach More, Teach More.)

Once you have several titles out, the effects become cumulative. And not only the income, but also the interest in the content itself — your books advertise each other.

Now … you just have to write them.

If you can talk about your ideas, if you can write email, if you can blog... There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be publishing your work and making money doing it.

You probably know me as a professional intuitive consultant. But, more than anything, I’m an “indie” (self-published) author.

I produce a piece of writing in a couple of weeks and then sell it indefinitely -- with very little extra work beyond my weekly blog posts. With each new addition to my catalog of information products, my income grows exponentially.

Whether you want an old school “legacy” publishing deal or you want to take advantage of the amazing technological tipping point happening right now in self-publishing, you need to crack the code on quickly and effortlessly producing and completing a lot of writing.

No more "thinking" about writing a book. No more "trying" to write a book. This is how you -- finally -- finish writing your books.

If you’re building something big from a lot of small pieces -- you need a plan. When you employ the simple outlining techniques in Automatic Author, you’ll know exactly what is going to appear on each and every page of your book before you even begin writing.

When you have a clear plan of exactly what pieces need to be written -- and the pieces are small -- small increments of time are all you need.

Even if you only have 30 minutes a day -- that’s 6 pages a session.

Using this outline process, and writing for just 30 minutes a day, you can conceivably complete your first draft in 33 days -- that’s only 4 weeks.

One month!

Just one hour per day -- that’s 12 pages per day.

Working at the rate of just one hour per day, you can complete a 200 page manuscript in just 16 days.

That’s only 2 weeks!



Automatic Author is a simple, practical system for writing a book quickly and easily.

  • 81 page PDF tutorial

  • Build your book in pieces with a foolproof, down-to-earth outline.

  • Fast-draft the pieces of your book with an intuitive writing technique.

This is the exact system I personally use to quickly outline and write all my tutorials, courses, workshops, workbooks, and ebooks. I passively generate more than 90% of my income from these information product downloads.

If you have great ideas for books and information products, but for some reason you are not finishing them, Automatic Author will shift your writing practice into productive action and completion.



The live, private, one-on-one phone calls are how we make this course about you.

I am proud to say that the level of personal attention in my professional intuitive training and mentoring programs is unlike any other programs out there.

My intention is not to teach you how to do me, but to walk with you on your path and advise you as you discover how to do you -- your abilities, your brand, your creativity, your vision, your voice.

Because of this level of personalized attention, each and every student has a customized learning experience, with a unique result.

If you Google "Automatic Intuition Professional Review" you will discover that former students have raved about the personal coaching, placing the calls and mentoring sessions at the top of the list of values offered by my programs.

If you were to schedule individual sessions with me, the three hours of calls offered in this package -- on their own, without the resource materials -- would be valued at $900 USD.

The number one goal of this course to support you in building a professional intuitive practice, wisdom brand, and personal development business that is unique to you.


Who will benefit from Beyond Readings training and mentoring?

Intuitives, Psychics, Astrologers, Coaches, Teachers, Speakers, Authors... Practitioners of Alternative Therapies and modalities, such as those who work with the Akashic records, astrology, reiki, shamanism...

Beyond Readings is for professionals with an already-established practice who are ready to take the business side of their practice to the next level -- to make more income, to transition their practice into a full-time career, and to reach more people with their message on a global scale.

Who may not be ready for this training?

If you are a beginner seeking personal psychic development, who wants to learn to perform readings, who just wants to do readings for family and friends, or you just want to get in contact with your own spirit guides -- that's cool -- but I recommend you look at Automatic Intuition Professional, or one of my personal intuitive development courses.

Do I have to take Automatic Intuition Professional first in order to do this course?

Not at all. Unlike other certification programs that feature "Advanced" or "Level II" training -- Beyond Readings is open to any and all of my professional peers in the healing arts and personal development fields, regardless of where you may have received prior training.

What if I never took any formal training classes, I've just always done readings?

You may be self-taught, have received other certifications, completed other programs, or studied under someone else -- the only requirement is that you have an already established practice offering professional readings, healing sessions, life coaching, or spiritual teaching, and want to use the Internet to grow your business, your brand, and your message.

What if I don't have a web site yet?

Great! Your web designer is going to request that you tell her what to put on your About page, your Sales page, etc. Before you hire someone to build a site for you (or learn to put one together yourself) you need to know what exactly to put on it.

Will you teach me how to do professional intuitive readings?

Beyond Readings is for those who are already comfortable performing intuitive readings, spiritual healings, or energetic clearings. If you want to learn how to do intuitive readings, I'd love to teach you. But, that's another program. Please apply for my course Automatic Intuition Professional. Go the navigation bar at the top of this web page, under "Intuitive Development Courses" choose "Automatic Intuition Professional" for all the details.

What's the difference between "next level" and "advanced"?

A word like advanced is awfully relative -- what someone else may consider intermediate, you may consider advanced. You may be incredibly talented and successful compared to another person, yet still humbly consider yourself a beginner.

All my professional training and mentoring programs are built around the intention of helping you discover your abilities, your skills, and your authentic voice -- we start wherever you are and work from there.

The goal is to get you to your next level, whatever that may be.

I'm not interested in certifying people to become extensions of my practice -- Slade-style Psychic Level 1, Slade-clone Intuitive Level 2 -- that does not feel authentic to me.




  • 100% digital materials

  • Workbook modules are in PDF format

  • Modules are stored on an iPad/tablet-friendly web page

  • View modules on mobile devices, or download to your computer

  • Assessment Interview is available as an MS Word .doc

  • Mentoring sessions are conducted by phone or Skype

  • Mentoring sessions never "expire"

  • Work at your own pace


  • WRITE YOUR SITE -- 14 branding exercises and 9 templates

  • REACH MORE, TEACH MORE -- passive income and product catalog plan

  • AUTOMATIC AUTHOR -- outline and fast draft any book or information product

  • PRIVATE CALLS -- 3 sixty-minute live, one-on-one mentoring sessions

Beyond Readings will not teach you tricks or gimmicks or advertising schemes -- this is a legitimate strategy and a down-to-earth blueprint for building a financially viable brand by creating authentic valuable content.

This is what I've been building since 2006. If you're interested in developing something comparable of your own, I will personally show you how to do it.