Thank you!

I'm very excited for you to dive into the program. 

Here's what happens:

I am online nearly every day without exception. As soon as I see your payment notification, I will:

  1. give you digital access to all course materials
  2. order the physical book for you from the publisher
  3. add you to the private Facebook group


I'll send you an online link to my account where you can stream and/or download the audio tracks. A PDF of the workbook is also available among those files.

The publisher of the workbook is Vervante. It usually takes them a few business days to put your materials together. We will both receive an email when the order ships. There is no extra charge for the workbook.

Add me as a friend on Facebook so I can add you to the private Automatic Intuition Group.

I am in the Eastern Standard Time zone, US. If you haven't heard from me in 24 hours, by all means email me and see what's up:, (personal account) or send me a Facebook message.